An SGU Association aids St. Louis Girls’ RC

The Learning Resource Centre of the St. Louis Girls’ RC School on Church Street, St. George’s has been outfitted with over $3000.00 worth of Information Technology (IT) fixtures for the benefit of the students.

Some students of St. Louis Girls’ RC seated in the Resource Centre

The refurbished centre, compliments the Management Information Systems & Information Technology (MISIT) Student Association of St. George’s University (SGU) was handed over to the school last Monday at a special morning assembly at the institution.

Along with painting of the lab, the Centre was equipped with a water proof Ethernet Cable, a new network switch, a new modem and various other necessities.

According to President of Association, Toni Davis, the initiative was taken at the School in order to encourage students to generate an interest in Information Technology.

“MISIT has been around for 10 years but this is the first time we’re actually doing something like this. We usually go around to secondary schools and tell them why it is good to have a career in Information Technology and things like that”, she said.

“You know, you go to career days in these schools and no one would say Oh I want to be an IT Engineer or Software Programmer, nothing like that. So, we decided to do it from an early stage (in the) Primary school so that if they get the necessary tools in order to be exposed to technology, then probably we’ll have more IT people in the field,” she added.

Principal at the St. Louis Girls’ RC, Christiana Lashington sees the Learning Resource Centre as “very important in a school” since it can help to “improve communication developing opportunities, information that is pure and help in educational”.

In addition, she said there can be various activities taking place in the centre such as reading activities “which I know you are looking forward to”.

“This activity will help you the students, for example, in summarising your work and in presenting your work…”, she remarked.

In the area of educational activities, Lashington believes that it can help teachers to provide greater support for students to learn other activities that will help “to support and motivate you the students (and) cooperation activities to help the centre achieve its aim as a group”.

“Let this centre be a centre that will help teachers in their path to achieve their educational objective and aid the students’ quest for knowledge,” she said.

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