Two Fatal Accidents In 24 Hours

Grenada recorded two (2) road fatalities last week Thursday and Friday including the death of well-known businessman, Trevor Renwick of Massy United Insurance and popular street girl, Betty-Ann “String Beans” Lambert.

Betty-Ann Lambert, who was dragged to death under a bus driven by Police Constable Randy Alexander

The most gruesome was 37-year-old Lambert who was reportedly rolled over by a green passenger mini bus, registered number, HX735, plying the Boca/St. George route, and dragged to death for about 1000 meters just past the Deco Service Station in Tempe.

She was reportedly sitting alongside the River Road main road, just outside the L.A. Purcell Lumber Yard, when she was picked up by the mini bus, which was driven by Police Constable Randy Alexander, who is attached to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) Police Band.

Trevor Renwick, who met his unfortunate death after colliding with a blue Subaru motor car driven by Police Constable Shane Charles, last week Thursday afternoon

Two of her grieving sisters have accused PC Alexander and his conductor of being negligent and called for his license to be revoked as a result of his alleged negligence.

According to one of the sisters, Alvina Clarke, another relative, referred to as ‘Martin,’ witnessed when the bus rolled over ‘String Beans’ and had tried to alert the driver who just kept on driving away.

“He (Martin) told us (that) he saw when the bus bounced Betty-Ann and he (Martin) was calling him (the driver) out (so that he could stop), but he didn’t stop…everybody knows ‘String Beans, so I want to know why he bounce her; Why? And why (did) he have to drag her up here (almost a mile)?” the grieving older sister asked.

PC Randy Alexander

“I mean, tell me, you bounce her quite down by Purcell, people quite down by Purcell, people telling you (that) you bounce something (and) you saying you didn’t bounce anything…I ‘doh’ know how you could ‘doh’ see (that it is) a human being (that was) sitting down by the road by Purcell…They tell you that you bounce her and you still drive off…and saying how you thought it was a dog…He needs to be punished, they need to take the license from him,” she added.

Betty-Ann “String Beans” Lambert, who leaves behind four young children, her oldest being 13 years, was described by her sisters as an alcoholic and that despite her addiction she was a kind and loving individual.
“It is very sad, a sad moment for everybody because regardless what she do, she was still our sister and somebody’s child,” said the other sister Patsy Clarke.

Officer-in-Charge of the Community Relations Department (CRD) in the local police force, Inspector Trevor Rodney told THE NEW TODAY on Monday that “the bus involved (in ‘String Beans’ death), “was examined today (Monday),” and that the findings will now have to be “analysed to determine a number of issues surrounding the investigation.”

Insp. Rodney also announced that investigations are continuing into last week Thursday vehicular accident, which claimed the life of Trevor Renwick, who was Managing Director of Massy United Insurance Limited.

PC Shane Charles

Renwick met his sudden death just about 6.00 p.m while commuting along the Grand Anse Valley main road.

It is reported that his motorcycle collided with a blue Subaru motorcar, driven by Police Constable Shane Charles, who is attached to the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

After the collision, the businessman reportedly ended up in a drain in close proximity to ‘‘Andy’s Bar’ in Grand Anse Valley.

A team of police investigators along with Renwick’s wife rushed to the scene of the accident.

The widow did not wish to be interviewed but expressed shock at what had transpired leading to the death of her husband.

Trevor was described by those who knew him as “a kind and gentle soul, who loved his family and was very sociable.”

Insp. Rodney said Preliminary investigations are continuing into the Grand Anse Valley tragedy and noted that when matters of that nature occur, it would take a while for the investigations to be thoroughly conducted.”

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