Grenada to compete in an International Weight Lifting Competition

It will be the first time Grenada will have a participant in an international weight lifting competition.

Pierre in the middle between first and second place, with his trophy in the form of a hatchet after qualifying for the 2018 Olympia in the “Feats of Strength” Competition

The person selected to represent the island is 40-year-old Dominic “Shark” Pierre who showed off his talent and strength with a second place showing in the annual “Feats of Strength” competition held last month in Oregon in the United States.

This qualified Pierre to be a competitor in the 2018 Olympia Fitness and Performance Expo to be held in Las Vegas in September.

The competition sees participants from all different continents taking part in the over 25 disciplines of which Pierre will be partaking in the Olympia Cup Weightlifting aspect.

Speaking to weight lifter Pierre, he told THE NEW TODAY that he was determined to get Grenada’s name known for weight lifting by attending the competition.

“It was a good experience, very good experience. Last year was the first time – I was kind of nervous but this year we knew what we were up against. We did train for it, me and the other guys who went and compete – all of us decided we wanted to go to Nationals but it did not work out for them”, he said.

“…Now I cross the line that I wanted to so I have to go back to training and see how good I could do because I want to go and make Grenada proud … all I am doing is thinking about it, going training and try to execute as much as I can”, he added.

Pierre stated that there is a possibility that he could be the only competitor from the English-speaking Caribbean taking place in the September event and this will mean a lot for Grenada.

“It is something that is really new to Grenada. So, it is going to be the first time Grenada is having someone going to those types of competitions. I could be like the only person from the English-speaking Caribbean competing in a competition like that. I wanna make the whole of the Caribbean proud, not only Grenada. I think about my people so much whenever I am going to compete. I always think about my Grenada people, they just give me strength,” he remarked.

According to Pierre, his intention is to encourage more Grenadians to take part in the sport as he is willing to offer training.

“I train people where I work in Geomax; I train people so I always wanna get the sport out there. It’s something that’s not really out there that much. Grenadian people know about it because we have like two competitions for the year in Grenada…anybody who wanna lift weight we always tell them they can come, the coach willing to help anybody who want to train,” he said.

The weight lifter also thanked his coach for the push he gives him and believes that the effort he places in training will help him to achieve his best at the upcoming competition.

Pierre’s Manager, Kenneth Fortune singled out for special praise the Ministry of Sports for providing the support needed to allow his charge and other weight lifters to compete in regional and international competitions.

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