Kidnapped victims are still alive !!!

The Venezuelan kidnappers of two persons including a Grenadian in an alleged illegal drug business that went sour have released a second video on Social Media demanding a ransom payment for their release.

A Venezuelan gunman is openly seen pointing a gun to the head of Marlon Garraway of Soubise, one of the two persons allegedly kidnapped in a cocaine deal that went sour

Soubise resident, Marlon Garraway is one of the persons identified in the video which shows the two men with their hands tied in front of them and standing in front of a wall.

A gunman is seen standing on top of the wall, brandishing a gun and often hitting the captives in their heads with the weapon.

The gunman reportedly has in one of his hands a hand grenade and can be heard in the video uttering words to the effect that monies must be paid for the release of the captives.

Another gunman is also seen on the video brandishing a weapon but his face is not shown on the video.

The captives can be heard on the video calling the name of someone believed to be a resident of Carriacou and pleading with him to pay the Venezuelans the money owed to them in order for them not to be killed.

A police official told THE NEW TODAY that there is little that the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) can do to secure the release of the captives.

He said the information including the latest video would most likely be sent to Interpol and other law enforcement agencies around the world to notify them of the latest development on the hostage-taking matter.

He stated that the government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell should contact the relevant government body in Venezuela to seek their assistance in getting to the bottom of the incident.

According to the official, he is fearful that the two would most likely be killed by the captors if their demands are not met in due course.

The Venezuelans are said to be demanding payment of US$30, 000 for the release of the two captive men.
Garraway who is believed to be a fisherman by profession is well-known to the police as “a troublemaker” in his village.

THE NEW TODAY understands that he has been on the police radar for sometime as one allegedly engaged in the illegal drug trade.

The Police had earlier expressed an interest in the person named in the video as a resident of Carriacou but have not been able to locate him.

Speculation is rife that he has gone underground and might have slipped out from the sister isle to a safe house.

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