Men Arrested in $2.3 Million Drug Bust

Kyron Alexander – was denied bail and remanded to prison on drug charges

Two St. Andrew residents have been granted bail, while another was remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison in connection with the discovery of over two million dollars worth of marijuana, when they appeared before the Grenville Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, on a number of indictable drug related charges.

The suspects are 41-year-old Construction Worker, Kyron Alexander of Moyah, along with 30-year-old self-employed Grand Bras resident, Kevin Coxall and Inron Mc Donald, a 27-year-old Fisherman from Soubise.

The three accused men appeared before Her Honour, Magistrate Nevlyn John, where joint charges of Conspiracy to Traffic and to Import a Controlled Drug in connection to 1033 pounds of the illegal substance were read out to them.

Alexander and Coxwall are facing additional joint charges of Importation, Trafficking and Possession of a Controlled Drug.

Soubise resident Inron Mc Donald granted $150, 000 bail

Both Mc Donald and Alexander have retained the services of Attorney-at-Law, Francis Paul to assist them, while Coxall is being represented by Attorney-at-Law, Andre Thomas.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the three men were apprehended on or about April 2 at different locations, days after fleeing from the Conference Beach area in St. Andrew, where they were observed by policemen offloading a number of bags from a fishing vessel into the water near the shore on March 26 and 27.

The drugs carry an estimated street value of $2, 342, 844.

The police prosecution, which is being led by Senior Crown Counsel in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Howard Pinnock, did not object to bail for Mc Donald, who he noted has no previous convictions and for Coxall, who has only 2 unrelated convictions.

However, Pinnock made a strong objection to bail for Alexander, who has a number of prior convictions of a same nature and was the alleged Captain of the vessel.

Drug-accused Kevin Coxall – was placed on $100, 000 bail

The State Prosecutor informed the court that Alexander has other drug related matters pending, one before the Gouyave Magistrate’s Court dating back to August 2016, where he pleaded guilty to Conspiracy to Import 196 pounds of marijuana and is due for sentencing on April 27 .He also related another pending matter before the Grenville Magistrate’s Court, where he was placed on $25, 000 bail on charges of Possession and Trafficking an undisclosed quantity of marijuana.

Pinnock contended that because of Alexander’s repeated commission of drug related offences, the accused is likely to commit another while on bail and should be locked away.

However, in pleading his client’s case, Attorney Paul argued that Alexander, whose prior convictions date back to the period 1996-2000, is the father of 9 children and is the sole bread winner in his home.

He told the Magistrate that his client is obligated to repay a loan of $18, 000 in monthly installments of just over $400, which he took from a bank to purchase a fishing boat and asked the court to be merciful to him.

The bags containing the drugs, which were found on the Conference beach

After considering the factors in the case, Magistrate John decided to deny bail for Alexander at this time and set his mention date for April 23.

Bail was granted to Coxall in the sum of $150, 000 with 2 sureties, while Mc Donald received bail in a lower sum of $100, 000 with 2 sureties because he has no previous convictions.

As part of the bail conditions, both Coxall and McDonald have been ordered to report to the Grenville Police Station once weekly and to surrender all travel documents to the court.

The three drug-accused suspects are scheduled to reappear before the Grenville Magistrate’s Court on May 11.

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