Celebration and Appreciation

The St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS) celebrates Intercol success in 2018. Some will ask what is there to celebrate in 2018 when at the end of the games the Grenada Boys Secondary School won the boys category of this customary showdown which is primarily between SAASS and GBSS.

NAWASA/SAASS proudly display their trophies together with their Principal and Jamila Samuel, the NAWASA Communications Supervisor following the Intercol games

SAASS has not won the girls category either. In fact, history was made as the girls from St. Joseph’s Convent Grenville clinched the victory leaving the defending champs, Anglican High School in dismay and disappointment as they had to settle for second place.

So, SAASS has not won any of these two traditional Intercol categories yet it celebrates. How could this be?

In 2018, this august institution which constitutes a little above 400 boys and a little under 300 girls is indeed a winner. Apart from placing second in the boys’ category and 3rd in the girls’ category, SAASS was awarded what is proving to be one of the most lucrative awards; that of co-ed/combined champion. This award is bestowed upon the school which amasses the most points overall.

For the second year in succession this award was won by this school which has won the male championship 20 times and the girls championship 3 times in the 53 years of Intercol.

SAASS has won because it ended up at the conclusion of the championship, with more rewards than any other school; trophies for the most outstanding senior boy, most outstanding junior boy, most outstanding prep girl, male senior divisional champ, male junior divisional champ as well as the Combined challenge trophy.
Additionally, as part of the prize for the combined champion, a desktop compliments Flow was awarded to the school.

In addition to these mentioned successes, SAASS has earned a partner. This year, NAWASA, one of the most prominent corporate citizens decided to add to its societal contributions by sponsoring the SAASS Intercol teams. This partnership has benefited the school tremendously as it has assisted in alleviating many of the expenses for SAASS.

These costs are concomitant with SAASS having to fill two teams, having a large number of athletes and having to travel from a rural part of the country to participate at the games.NAWASA has lifted the bar and has removed the financial millstone from around the neck of the school. SAASS is much deserving of this assistance as it continues to be a flagship in the Intercol, SAASS continues to be impressive in Intercol, SAASS continues to be consistent in Intercol. SAASS continues to make Intercol interesting.

NAWASA must be highly commended for taking such a bold and worthwhile step. NAWASA SAASS, the new name of the school’s athletic team, is a symbol of this new partnership, and as it was repeated time and again over the stadium’s public address system, one could not help but agree that it had a lovely ring to it.

Everyone associated with the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS), the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) and with Intercol should be proud. Other corporate citizens should take example from NAWASA and assist the schools in alleviating the costs associated with their participation in Intercol. NAWASA has moved in the right direction and others should follow.
SAASS is very appreciative of the sponsorship and partnership with NAWASA.

Principal at the school, Dianne Abel-Jeffrey, says that this is a blessing and her school will be happily moving forward with NAWASA. She profoundly thanks NAWASA for the sponsorship and for the support that was given during the three days of Intercol to the athletes, by NAWASA’s Marketing Manager Jamila Lewis-Samuel.
SAASS also thanks all of its supporters, past pupils, parents and well-wishers. Some past pupils and parents have pooled their resources together and contributed to the Intercol teams. They have all contributed to the success of NAWASA SAASS. So too have the athletes of NAWASA SAASS. They are encouraged to remain steadfast and to be voracious for victory. SAASS thanks everyone.

NAWASA SAASS also congratulates NAGICO GBSS and St. Joseph’s Convent Grenville on their 2018 Scotia Bank Intercol victories. SAASS further congratulates the title sponsor of the games, Scotia Bank and other sponsors, the owner of the games, the Grenada Association of Principals of Secondary Schools (GAPSS), the organiser, Grenada Secondary Schools Games Association (GSSGA), officials, all participating Secondary Schools, the media, announcers and patrons. You have all fulfilled your duties and have contributed to the success of Intercol 2018.

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