Limited matters completed in January 2018 Assizes

The curtains came down on the January 2018 Criminal Assizes last week Wednesday, with the completion of only 24 out of the 139 matters listed for adjudication between the No. 1 and No. 2 High Court in St. George’s.

Brandon LaTouche – Crown Counsel in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution

According to Crown Counsel in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, Brandon La Touché, there are 13 matters that would have completed the trial stage in the January Criminal Assizes but will be listed for sentencing in the next criminal assizes, which will open next week Tuesday (April 10) at the No. 2 High Court.

These include three (3) murder cases, involving Boca, St. George resident Phillip Baptiste, who is awaiting sentence for the March 2017 death of his uncle, Glen “Brass” Baptiste, who died after receiving a fatal blow to the back of his head with a glass bottle.

Another of the case is that of Darren Maitland, 36, who was one of three persons charged in connection with the February 2015 death of a man popularly known as “Dirty Cup,” who operated a bar in an area within the St. George’s Market Square, referred to as ‘Jam Rock.’

‘Dirty Cup,’ lost his life after receiving multiple stab wounds to his body and as the case took its judicial course, Maitland was stuck with the murder charge, while his brother, Jacob Maitland and the other co-accused Kimon Charles, were freed.

Another murder convict, 31-year-old Cherry Hill resident, Kevon Bascombe is also awaiting sentence for the August 2017 stabbing death of Judith Joseph from Grand Anse.

The woman met her unfortunate death after receiving a stab wound in her back with a knife during an altercation that occurred between her male companion and the murder convict in the vicinity of the Melville Street Fish Market.

A total of 102 matters have been traversed to the April Criminal Assizes including a Non-Capital Murder case involving, 27-year old Gabriel Alleyne, the son of a prominent religious figure on the island.

Alleyne allegedly used his bare hands to strangle to death 49-year-old Anthony Alexander from Laura Land St. David, while being treated as a patient at the Mt. Gay Psychiatric Hospital.

At the time of his death, Alexander’s two feet were reportedly restrained to a bed and the circumstances surrounding the fatal incident have not been revealed.

Another traversed matter involves the notorious Aldin “Ossey” Phillip, who is regarded as one of the most feared gangsters on the island.

Phillip, along with several others are facing multiple charges of Robbery with violence, attempt to commit a crime, conspiracy to commit a crime to wit robbery with violence and stealing from a person.

At present, Guyanese-born Judge, Justice Paula Gilford, who presides over the No. 2 High Court on The Carenage, is the only criminal Judge left on the island, following the departure of Trinidadian-born Justice Shiraz Aziz, who heard criminal matters at the No. 5 High Court at the same location.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Grenada is now awaiting the appointment by OECS Chief Justice, Dame Janice Pereira, of a new High Court judge to replace Justice Aziz.

Up until press time on Tuesday, Supreme Court Registrar, Alana Twum-Barimah said her office has not yet been informed about a new appointment.

However, she expressed optimism that a new appointment would be made as soon as possible.

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