Burke thanks local artistes for contributing to the Campaign 201

Leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Nazim Burke has said that the issue of trust should play an important role in the electorate making up their minds to vote on election day.

Burke – it was a sterling package of calypsos from local artistes

He dropped hints that Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell should not be trusted on the manner in which he gave a commitment not to use foreign artistes during the election campaign held in the season of Lent.

Addressing a large gathering of Congress supporters on the Morne Rouge playing field on Sunday night, Burke said that an individual should be judged by what they do and not what they say.

“…It is never reliable to listen to what a person says about himself and it is never reliable to listen to what somebody says about a person. The most concrete and accurate way to know who a person really is, is to look at their conduct…”, he said.

“If they tell you, they are not going to bring in (foreign) artistes during the Lent season, if they tell you, they’re not going to bring in (foreign) artistes for the rest of the campaign and then a few weeks later you see them bringing in foreign artistes, you have to judge for yourself whether you can take that person at their word.”, he added.

Burke went on: “You have to judge for yourself whether you can rely on that person because again it comes down to an issue of trust and when we are talking about leaders, sisters and brothers, we talking about those who set the example – we talking about those who the children are watching, who our young people are watching, who are intended to serve as the role models in our society.”

Burke used the NDC platform to specially thank the local artistes who contributed to the campaign with their songs.

He said that these people have “done a tremendous service to our party and a tremendous service to our country and I want to thank you tonight for your creativity.”

The cast, led by former calypso and soca monarch, Elwyn “Black Wizard” Mc Quilkin, constantly performed at NDC major rallies during the six weeks of the campaign.

Burke noted that the local artistes were able to come up with “a package of locally produced and written songs” and that the quality of the music put out by them surpassed his expectation.

He said that the NDC did not need to bring in any foreign artistes to add value to its campaign.

“What a sterling package of Calypso that we have in this campaign. We have had some of the most outstanding songs, some of the most outstanding performances, some of the most creative work done by our local artistes, putting together a tremendous package of music and song for this campaign.

“I wanna take this opportunity first of all to extend our profound sense of thanks to all of the artistes, who took the time out to put their creativity at work for our party and for the country…

“…As I listened to these songs, sisters and brothers over the campaign and as we travel through the country today, dancing and singing and enjoying ourselves, really, to the music of local artistes, I became even more convinced that we did not need any foreign artistes to come and perform here tonight.

“I became more convinced and I became more convinced, even though I did not come and tell you a few weeks ago that I had no intention of bringing any foreign artiste.”

The ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell reportedly spent thousands of dollars in bringing into the country a host of foreign artistes to perform at its national rallies.

The NNP campaign started off with a Gospel Artiste from St. Vincent and the Grenadines during a youth rally held at the Tempe Playing Field with the feature act being Jamaican Recording Artiste, Romain Virgo.

Prime Minister Mitchell announced then that there would be a toning down of calypso music as a means of showing respect for the Lent season which is observed by Christians.

The NNP ended its campaign on Sunday night with a battery of foreign artistes performing at Pearl’s Airstrip in St. Andrew – Etana and Christopher Martin.

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