A tidal wave of grave questions surrounding the Grenada General Elections of March 13, 2018 have been received and are surfacing all across the Globe.

Many of these are being now directed to Investigative Reporters & Government Agencies, as well as to the United Nations. Grenada under massive Scrutiny: that is the call for action.

There are remarks trending; that people do “Smell a Skunk ” over the questionable voter fraud potential. It is indeed an alarming crisis level concern & intervention need issue.

There are vast speculations and allegations as to the depth and level of corruption in Grenada.

We in fact have been structured to investigate this very issue & this Organization, which too many people refer now as a “Criminal Enterprise”.

That level of rampant corruption, at nearly every single step of that corrupt activity generates massive amounts of side money that can be diverted for own gain, for other objectives or to perhaps “Steal an Election”.

Dirty, corrupt money buys strength, power and control within a shady Enterprise; as is quite evident by the behaviour and the continued & rising allegations of wrongdoing in Grenada.

It is alleged that millions of dollars from the sale of diplomatic passports, an illegal side activity – instead of deposited to the Treasury are redirected to pay bribes, buy votes, perhaps threaten violent muscle or to strengthen power.

Equally, sweet job offers are another bait and hook tactics in exchange for votes & for mass tribal control.
Of course, these are each & all hypothetical examples; rather than proven facts. Kickbacks and bribe income is the other constant but variable concern of the Enterprise in St. George’s.

GRENADA SCRUTINY can cite numerous other such operations; but for investigative purposes – any other references to same will not be detailed at this time.

Meetings are being held to discuss any Legal, Diplomatic as well as Political actions to bring this Epic Corruption on the Radar and to help dismantle and to expose locally and globally this troubling & dangerous alledged Epidemic of Corruption in St. George’s.

Please be guided accordingly.

M. Alexander


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