Aeronautical Frequency Interference Experienced by the Grenada Airports Authority

The National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (NTRC) wishes to clarify the events surrounding the subject at caption.

The facts on this matter are as follows:

19th February 2018:

NTRC received a complaint from the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) on behalf of the Grenada Airports Authority (GAA) indicating interference on their aeronautical frequencies, 119.4MHz and 121.5MHz.

20th February 2018:

NTRC visited the GAA to verify the issue and carried out spectral analyses. The analyses revealed that the source of interference was coming from Grand Etang where the GAA aeronautical repeater sites and other radio transmitters are located.

22nd February 2018:

NTRC visited Grand Etang along with members of ECCAA and the GAA to further investigate the matter.

24th February 2018:

ECCAA’s technical team visited Grand Etang and monitored the frequencies (119.4MHz and 121.5MHz) with a SDR receiver to identify the source of interference. A report was provided to the NTRC.

26th February 2018:

NTRC met with the ECCAA, GAA and the contractors, AERONAV to determine options to resolve the issue.

27th February 2018:

NTRC sent correspondence to all radio operators with transmitters located at Grand Etang requesting an organised shutdown scheduled for 28th February 2018, between the hours of 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. to identify the specific source of interference.

Letters were written to the following broadcasters:

· 88.9MHz Moving Target Company

· 89.5 MHz CRFM/Kampesh Production

· 90.1MHz Spice Capital Radio

· 90.9 MHz Soul of Grenada

· 90.5MHz Grenada Trade Centre

· 91.5 MHz Real FM

· 94.5MHz Aviation Radio Missionary Services Inc./Harbour Light

· 95.5MHz Media One

· 96.3MHz Evangelistic Centre

· 97.5MHz City Sound FM

· 99.5MHz Roman Catholic Church

· 100.9MHz Grant Communication

· 102.7 MHz Boss FM

· 104.5 MHz General Services of Grenada

· 107.5 MHz St. George’s University

28th February 2018:

NTRC, GAA, ECCAA, AERONAV and Mr. John Phillip, consultant for several of the radiobroadcasters located in Grand Etang, carried out an organised shutdown of FM radio broadcasters’ transmitters to isolate the specific source of the problem.

The analysis revealed that frequency 100.9MHz and frequency 107.5 MHz were identified as the source of the interference affecting GAA aeronautical frequencies 119.4MHz and 121.5MHz respectively.

To date, the NTRC has not issued any directive to shut down any broadcaster. The matter of interference at the GAA has not been fully resolved.

The NTRC wishes to thank the Radio Broadcasters for their continued cooperation towards resolving the interference experienced by GAA and looks forward to a full and effective resolution of this important matter in a timely manner.

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