Political parties hold rallies as election day draws near

The two main political parties staged massive rallies here on Sunday promising voters a better Grenada as the count down to the March 13 general election draws near.

Both the ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell and the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) headed by Nazim Burke were expressing confidence of victory at the polls.

Dr. Mitchell told supporters at the Tanteen Playing Field on the outskirts of the capital that his NNP, which enjoyed a 15-nil routing of the NDC in the 2013 general election was looking for a repeat result next week as they would be voting to protect the future of the island.

“One week and two days from now you will be voting for the continued creation of jobs. You will be also be voting for the development of the agriculture sector,” he said, adding that the success the island enjoyed over the past five years had been based on the cooperation of all stakeholders.

“We have delivered on jobs and we have also delivered on hope. We have done our best to unite our people,” he said, adding that the social compact signed with the various stakeholders, including the trade unions and the private sector “was extremely important in where we are today.”

“When the NNP is victorious on March 13, and we renew our governance of this country we will broaden the social compact by involving more stakeholders in the decision making in our country,” he said.

PM Mitchell also told party supporters that the outgoing government despite controlling all seats in Parliament did not act reckless, nor did it infringe upon the rights of others.

“You had a united front building Grenada,” he said adding, “we are confident that we have the most solid and comprehensive plan for growth,” Dr. Mitchell, one of the longest serving prime ministers in the Caribbean told supporters.

But Burke, who is leading the NDC into a general election for the first time, told supporters at the rally in Progress Park in St Andrew that his party, if elected to office would implement various policies that would include reduction of various taxes, including reducing property tax by 25 per cent, roll back of the petroleum tax and make the controversial one-off payment to public workers.

“I come to you seeking your real and genuine trust in the confidence that if you give us the opportunity we will make Grenada a better place for all of our citizens.

“We have a plan for our country we have put together a team of people to make a difference – what we need now is your trust and confidence.

“We ask you brothers and sisters to give us your support in the upcoming general election, I can assure you we will not disappoint you . . . ”.

“With every passing day, the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinque have come to the decision that change is necessary and change is inevitable.

Burke also told NDC supporters to take the upcoming poll seriously.

“Vote early, take no chance,” he said while calling on supporters to desist from the disgusting behaviour of attacking opponents.

“The power is in your finger,” Burke said.

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