NDC promises a better future for the youth

“If our country never needed an NDC government before (the) good God knows, we sure do need one now.”
That was the view expressed by 26-year old Ali Dowden, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Candidate for the St. George Northwest seat, currently held by Prime Minister and Leader of the ruling New National Party (NNP), Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Ali Dowden, who is hoping to unseat Prime Minister Mitchell in the March 13 elections

In an address Sunday at one of the largest Congress gathering in the campaign leading up to Tuesday’s general election, Dowden encouraged the nation’s youth to join with the NDC to make history on March 13 by voting the NNP out of office to secure a better future for the country.

He told the crowd assembled at Progress Park playing field in St. Andrew that the Mitchell-led government was not serious when it comes to the development of the youth.

“They (NNP) keep telling us (the youth) that we are the future, but I am telling you that with this team, we are the present,” he declared, pointing out that “for a party to have even considered a young man (of his age to run as a candidate) it speaks volumes to the fact that the NDC is by far, for young people, by young people and with young people”.

“NDC is not like the NNP with none of their candidates representing us as youth. You look at NDC and look at NNP – we have two youth candidates…Tevin (Andrew) and myself (and) that is because NDC recognises that without investing in our young people we cannot move the country forward…”, he said.

Dowden went on to state that “NDC, sisters and brothers, is not just telling us that they love us as youth but rather, they are putting their money where their mouth is by ensuring that we have ministers that are youth in the next government, senators that are youth, an active youth parliament, an active youth ambassadors programme and other meaningful youth engagement programmes,” he said.

“As youth, let us make history together. Let us be on the right side of history come March 13. Let us put ourselves as youth and our country first and not NNP and Dr, Mitchell. On Election Day, ask yourselves, who is better for the youth of this nation, who will be our voice (and) represent our concerns, aspirations, dreams, visions and interest in the government?

“March 13, 2018 is the day it all begins, a better future for the youth of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique…we will send the NNP dream team into retirement and we will hire the NDC team that puts people first,” he declared.

Speaking of an incident that occurred while en route to Sunday’s event, Dowden, who was a passenger on a bus, which ran off the road and collided into a house in the Willis New/Hampshire area, noted that “those of us in the vehicle could have lost our lives but God was for us and we are here.”

Tevin Andrew – it is time to put people first

“This afternoon the Devil had a plan for my life, but God had a plan for my life; the Devil didn’t want me to be here but God wanted me to be here. So, despite my aches and pains from the accident, this afternoon I am here to speak to you a bit emotional but I am so happy to see so many young people in Progress Park. God is on our side and not even Satan and the NNP can stop us now,” he remarked.

NDC Candidate for Carriacou and Peite Martinique, 24-year-old Tevin Andrew, added his youthful voice to the call for Grenadians to vote for change in the election.

Andrew, who is coming up against the newly installed NNP candidate Kindra Maturine-Stewart for the Carriacou seat, formerly held by the now retired Elvin Nimrod, spoke of the continuous plight of the nation’s youth “crying out for more jobs, better healthcare, more opportunities and a party that will put them first.”

“You can rest assured that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) under the leadership of Comrade Nazim Burke, will bring about the much-needed change in Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique,” Andrew told the massive gathering.”

“It is time that we put people first not only around election time but to bring about meaningful change in our country and that’s why the National Democratic Congress has taken steps to invest in our young people…and we are not only saying that young people should be involved at a party level but part and parcel of the governance process when we form the next government.”

“I believe that you Naz…I believe this (NDC) team will being about the much need change in Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique…so, I urge all of you brothers and sisters we have nine more days to eat them out, drink them out, take the ply board, take the window, take the stove and come March 13, we (are going to) vote them out once and for all…it is time to get rid of his corrupt government.”

The ruling party has faced a barrage of criticisms from opponents who have accused them of attempting to woo the voters with free construction material, as well as stoves and fridges.

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