NDC: IMANI Programme will be expanded

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) wishes to make it abundantly clear its position in relation to the IMANI programme and its importance to the next NDC government.

The NDC is aware of several misleading statements by NNP officials and their surrogates which have attempted to mischaracterise the position of the NDC in relation to the future of the IMANI programme.

As stated in our policy document, released more than a year ago, that under a new NDC government, the IMANI programme will be upgraded to make it a full-fledged Skills Training and Apprenticeship Programme with primary focus given to six transformational sectors:

– Tourism and Hospitality Services

– Agriculture and Agri-business

– Renewable Energy Development

– Education Health and Wellness Services

– Sports, Culture and Entertainment; and,

– Information and Communication Technology

We envision a programme that will offer more skills training in Information Technology (ICT) to meet the demand of the Business Process Outsourcing revolution which is taking place in several Caribbean territories.

The new IMANI programme will provide an opportunity for skills exchange with other CARICOM countries where a similar programme is functioning.

Another component of the programme will be the expansion in enrolment to accommodate more young people who are interested in pursuing career opportunities in agriculture and in the non-traditional sectors of the economy.

The NDC is committed to the continuation of the IMANI programme; and if there are tech jobs anywhere in the world to remedy the issue of unemployment among our youth, we are going to find them and bring them to Grenada to benefit of our young people.

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