Former NNP Youth Ambassador encourages support for NDC

Former Youth Ambassador for the ruling New National Party (NNP), Joel Greenidge, has called on Grenadians to vote into office in Tuesday’s general election the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Joel Greenidge – addressing NDC supporters at a massive Youth Rally in Progress Park on Sunday

Addressing a youth rally on Sunday night at Progress Park in St. Andrew, Greenidge described the newlook Congress team as “one the greatest movement that our country has experienced in recent years.”

Greendige, who led the NNP youth campaign in the 2013 elections called on the nation’s youth to stand up together with the NDC youth movement and defend their dreams and rights towards a better future by voting the Nazim Burke-led political organisation into office.

“The NDC is your only choice,” said Greenidge as he proudly stood on the NDC platform addressing one of the largest gatherings at a political rally in the current campaign.

He said that when the Keith Mitchell-led NNP was voted into office in 2013, he was of the belief that “they (NNP) were going to look out for young people,” but instead, “(the NNP) has for the last four-and-a-half years, turned a blind eye to the concerns, challenges and pains that our young people are currently facing.”

Speaking with conviction, the Springs, St. George resident charged that new hope sprung forth after “engaging the leadership of the NDC (and) listening to their vision for this country” for the last two years, he is “convinced that the NDC is a party that puts young people first.”

Greenidge referred to the NDC’s engagement and consultations with the young people during the last four years.

He commended the leadership of Congress on its approach to governance and ensuring that the youth have a say in the decision-making process and are given opportunities to take their rightful place in society.
Greenidge warned that the March 13 election should not be taken for granted by the electorate.

“My friends this election is not an election (that) we should take for granted. This is an election for us to stand up and defend our generation, this is an election for us to stand up and defend our dreams, to have a right to live our dreams…”, he said.

“…The time for choosing a competent, capable, committed and caring government is on March 13,” he declared.

Greenidge went on to say “I stand here tonight because I believe that the NDC will create sustainable jobs for the young people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique…no longer should we sit idly by and watch our country slip before our eyes. “We have a responsibility to future generations and on March 13 we will vote the NDC into government…the NDC will create sustainable jobs, the NDC will create an enabling environment that will allow young people to strive and prosper. Young people, this is your time,” he said.

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