Decision Day is Tuesday

Grenadians will vote Tuesday in their 8th general election since the island returned to the Parliamentary system of government following the 1979-83 non-elected leftist rule by the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG) of executed Prime Minister Maurice Bishop.

The election will be a straight fight between the ruling New National Party (NNP) of 71-year old Dr. Keith Mitchell and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), led by Nazim Burke.

Both parties are fielding a full slate of 15 candidates while a token of smaller parties are putting up a limited number of candidates in the election.

A total of 78, 249 Grenadians are eligible to cast ballots in the highly anticipated 2018 poll.

However, 874 police officers will do early voting today (Friday) in order to allow them to be free to do active duties four days later on polling day to elect a new government for a 5-year term in office.

The Police Officers will vote at 15 police stations across the island which have been designated as polling stations and in constituencies where no police station exist, officers will vote at the respective Parliamentary Elections offices – St. Andrew South-west, St. Andrew North-west, St. George North-east, St. George North-west, and St. Mark.

Police Officers in the Town of St. George constituency will vote at Marryshow House on H. A. Blaize Street.

Police officers on the sister isle will cast their ballots at the Hillsborough Police Station in Carriacou.

The Parliamentary Elections Office has designated 237 polling stations on the Mainland for voting and 17 polling stations in Carriacou.

According to the Parliamentary Elections Office, the polls will open at 6.00 a.m. and close promptly at 5.00 p.m. on both days pf voting including the day set aside for law enforcement officers.

The 2018 poll is being contested by 45 candidates representing 8 political parties including a total of 45 candidates.

Two independent candidates are also in the race – former NNP government minister, Joslyn Whiteman (St. David) and John Fletcher (St. Andrew South-west.

Tuesday’s election is historic for Prime Minister Mitchell, who is seeking his fifth term in office.

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