Another Policeman Under Investigation!!!

A law enforcement officer attached to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) Music Band is currently under investigation in a sexually-related incident that resulted in a female attempting to commit suicide.

Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY that the officer was questioned last week by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) as part of an ongoing investigation into the matter.

A source who spoke on condition that he was not named said that the female used a sharpened instrument to inflict several life-threatening wounds on her body and had to be taken to the St. George’s General Hospital for treatment.

There are conflicting reports as to whether the young lady attempted to take her life while at Central Police Station on the Carenage or at another location.

A reliable source quoted a police officer as saying that the female was kept at the station following a family feud matter and was left alone for a period of time.

He said that the young lady was considered “suicidal” and her father brought her to the station for safe-keeping because he did not have anyone to leave her with while he went to work.

He stated that when an officer at the station returned moments later he found the young lady in an unconscious state from wounds inflicted on her body including the hand.

Another police officer admitted that the incident did happen but it was not within the precincts of Central Police station.

The High Command of RGPF is tight-lipped about the incident.

THE NEW TODAY understands that it was not the first time that the young had given an indication that she was prepared to take her own life as a result of being repeatedly sexually assaulted by the policeman.

The name of the police band member had surfaced before last week’s attempted suicide by the young female to CID for alleged sexually molestation but nothing was apparently done by the department.

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