Complain of negligence at the General Hospital

A female St. George resident believed to be in her 60’s has complained to THE NEW TODAY about the care given to her 85-year-old mother at the St. George’s General hospital.

The woman who walked into this newspaper and broke down in tears said that her mother went in without a scratch on her body but came out with severe bed sores.

She claimed that her mother went in without sores but after two days at the hospital as a result of a stroke, she developed a bed sore.

According to the lady, her mother was admitted in the hospital on January 17 and on January 19 when she visited her, she noticed that “she had plaster to her back”.

She said that she inquired from the nurses what was the matter and was told that “it was just a little sore – nothing to worry about”.

The woman spoke of asking the nurses on more than one occasion to show her the sore on her mother but was assured that everything was alright and she did not need to worry.

She indicated that the nurses did not heed the request on the grounds that the dressing was just done and because they do the dressing every three days, they would not be able to show it to her.

The lady said that her mother was discharged from the hospital on January 29 and when she took her home and began changing her clothes decided to remove the plaster and then she noticed a “massive hole in her back.”

She said: “So I called them (the hospital) and I said what happened, they said, ‘we’re sorry take her to the Medical station to get it dress”…

I said did the doctor know, they said ‘well we had a right to tell him but we’re very sorry’…they said they will call the Medical station in her parish (to treat the mother).”

The lady indicated that nurses visited the mother at home to attend to the sore but it has gotten worse.

She stated that a doctor came to attend to her mother on Tuesday and explained to her that the sore is almost “down to the bone” but her mother “keeps bawling with pain, morning, noon, and night and it’s hurting me every day (to see her in such agony)”.

“She was in the hospital, they could have done something and she went with her skin pretty, with no marks on it”, the daughter said with tears in her eyes.

The distressed daughter is calling on the General Public to be aware of the negligence that takes place at the country’s top health institution.

She said, it’s carelessness, you don’t treat people so. I mean 85 years – you don’t treat people like that. So, I would like the public to know what’s going on because it happened to me, it could happen to your family, it could happen to anybody else…”.

“…It’s very, very sad, it’s painful. It means that she will die with it…I know one day the Lord has to take her but not like that.”

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