Woburn resident fined $50, 000 for Cocaine

A 45-year-old man from Woburn, St. George, who was arrested last October in connection to the discovery of over $300, 000.00 worth of Cocaine, has been fined $50, 000 for the offence of ‘Trafficking a Controlled Drug.’

Dexter Myland, who received non-custodial sentence for trafficking cocaine

The fine was imposed on Dexter Myland, a father of five, who appeared for sentencing on the drug-related charge last week Thursday, before Chief Magistrate Her Honour Tamara Gill at the No.1 St. George’s Magistrate’s Court.

Myland, who pleaded guilty to the offence, was represented by defense attorney, Peter David, who asked the court to impose a non-custodial sentence.

David indicated to the court that Myland, who is the owner of a car rental business in Woburn, is “in a position to pay a reasonable fine in a reasonable amount of time.”

“He said he will sell a vehicle in order to pay a fine,” Attorney David told the court.

Having considered Attorney David’s mitigation, the Chief Magistrate obliged and fined Myland $50, 000 to be paid in 9 months, with a default sentence of 3 years imprisonment.

Myland found himself in trouble with the law on October 17, 2017, when members of the Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) executed a search warrant at his home, which turned up 3 kilos of cocaine, valued at approximately $300, 000, hidden underneath some clothes inside of a big black suitcase in one of the bedrooms.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Myland, who is a close relative of some individuals in Woburn, who are often targeted for their alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade on the island, reportedly fled his home and managed to evade police officers.

The police raiding party were able to get the assistance of a Justice of Peace to execute the search warrant.

The 45-year-old has one unrelated previous conviction for the offence of obscene language, dating back to 2012.

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