Man facing Grievous Harm charge sent to hospital for treatment

Chief Magistrate, Tamara Gill opted to send a man brought to her court to the hospital for treatment rather than start the Grievous Harm charge brought against him by the police.

A Police Officer was seen carrying the injured man to court

A police officer was seen last Thursday carrying 44-year-old Allan Julien of Jean Anglais, St. George down the steps of the St. George’s No. 1 Magistrate’s Court on Monday to appear before the court.

Julien has been charged with Grievous Harm for inflicting stab wounds on 45-year-old Nolan De Roche of Springs, St. George.

The Chief Magistrate refused to start the matter after realising that the accused was in need of medical attention.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Julien got into difficulty as a result of a fall and injuries sustained while attempting to climb out of the cell at the St. Paul’s Police Station on the previous night of his court appearance.

The incident involving the accused and De Roche who is a Captain of a boat started while the latter was out on a fishing expedition with three other men.

De Roche reportedly had his back turned and looking out at sea when he felt a blow to his side and when he turned around saw Julien with a knife in his hand coming towards him.

The two ended up in a scuffle which resulted in De Roche receiving multiple injuries to his body which resulted in him being taken to the General Hospital on Monday.

Police Officers were seen helping Julien to his feet on Thursday after Magistrate Gill ordered that he be brought to the hospital for medical examination.

THE NEW TODAY was unable to ascertain whether Julien was still hospitalised and when the matter involving him is to be heard in court.

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