GCPP issues warning

Political Leader of the one-year-old Grenada Christian Political Party (GCPP), Derick Sealy, has described Prime Minister Keith Mitchell’s ban on Calypso music from his New National Party (NNP) election campaign during the Lenten Season, as an “election campaign gimmick,” which he is hoping will attract votes for the NNP from practicing Christians in the country.

Sealy as he celebrated his first anniversary at the Market Square in St. George’s

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY last week Friday, Sealy said, although he is pleased with the move, “this should have been the case all year round with NNP.

“To begin with it is a good that the Prime Minister would have ceased the worldly calypso music and is willing to play gospel music, (which he described as) “Psalms, hymns and other spiritual songs that give glory to God in its place; but it would have been better for that to be the case all year round because that is the kind of music that God accepts (and) any other music is sin,” he declared.

However, Sealy believes that “on the other hand it (the Prime Minister’s decision) could be a ploy on his part, to get the church votes.”

Issuing a warning to Prime Minister Mitchell, the GCPP leader said: “If that is the case, it is written, touch not the Lord’s anointed neither do his prophets no harm.

Sealy described the church as “a Holy called out group of people” that do not involve in Carnival activities.
He also questioned the true intention of PM Mitchell on the calypso ban since the NNP regime sponsors Carnival every year.

Sealy asked: “So what is he (Dr. Mitchell) trying to do with the church, contaminate them? Mr. Prime Minister beware God is taking note and you would have to account at the judgment day for this one.

He went on: “Under a GCPP government, Carnival would be abolished (and) GCPP would (seek to) make gospel music the national music of Grenada. We will encourage and convince people that this is the music that pleases God and should be played every day of their lives”.

Sealy stated that the only exception will be those positive Calypso songs that speak of “our everyday lives”.

He also served notice that if his party is ever elected into office to run the country that “we would have a different holiday to recognise emancipation of our ancestors from slavery”.

“We would have a different activity, a time of thanksgiving and celebration giving thanks to Almighty God not only for emancipation but also our freedom from the Mark of the Beast.

“After a long absence, the Lord called me back into politics…he revealed clearly to me that the issuance of the Mark of Beast was occurring here in Grenada and he wanted that to be arrested.

“He (The Lord) wanted a government that would come in office that would end that devilish marking of the people.”

The GCPP marked its first anniversary on February 8 and in celebration of the occasion, Sealy, who is still seeking to get persons to join with him in his quest to “rescue Grenadians from the ‘Mark of the Beast’, took to the Market Square in the heart of St. George’s, where he reintroduced his campaign to the Grenadian people.

He said: “I had a fantastic time…I was there from about after 12 noon till after five that day dancing, I had gospel music playing…and people were singing along as they passed by…I handed out leaflets and made (biblical) proclamations, which (were) well received by the public as they journeyed on. It was such a wonderful atmosphere”, he said.

With the next general elections only weeks away, Sealy also renewed his call for Grenadians to boycott the March 13 poll if he is unable to secure his 15 candidates before nomination day which was Tuesday.

“No one has come on board as yet but I am a man of faith because I believe in miracles…God could send 15 persons now, he could send them tomorrow, he can send them before the time. So that can happen via Almighty God’s intervention.

“However, if that doesn’t happen I am calling for a boycott of the election. I am asking all Grenadians of voting age to stay away from the polls. Please don’t go and vote; that is God’s will because the other politicians, the NDC, NNP and the others, they are pushing the Mark of the Beast, they are pushing sin and these are not the times for sin.

“The Mark of the Beast is here and it is time for mankind to prepare to meet Almighty God.

Sealy warned persons who defy him and go out and vote on polling day that “you would be saying (that) I worship the devil and I support the ‘Mark of the Beast.”

“This is very serious (Tuesday) March 13 will be very, very, very revolutionary, that will be the day of the next revolution,” the GCPP political leader declared.

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