US national fined for purchasing cocaine

A United States national, who was caught, purchasing 2 grams of cocaine from a drug dealer on the Grand Anse Beach, was on Monday fined $750.00 for the offence.

Kyle Clinger – the Ohio resident who was caught buying cocaine

Magistrate Tamara Gill who sits at the St. George’s No. 2 Magistrate’s Court imposed the fine on 24-year-old Kyle Clinger, who is a Financial Analyst, with the ‘Progressive’ insurance company in Cleveland, Ohio.

The fine was slapped on Clinger after he pleaded guilty to being in possession of the controlled drug, valued at approximately EC$200.00.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Clinger, who was arrested for the offence last week Saturday, arrived on the island days before to visit a friend who is currently into his final semester as a student of St. George’s University (SGU).

Attorney-at-law Francis Paul who represented the accused made a plea on his behalf and asked the court to be lenient on the young man, who he said, understands the gravity of the offence and the serious repercussions it can have on his life and his career.

The lawyer begged the court to impose a non-custodial sentence on the US national, who was due to return to his homeland on Tuesday afternoon and for the conviction not to be recorded against him.

The Magistrate stressed the seriousness of the offence and ordered Clinger to pay the fine forthwith and did not record the conviction against him.

THE NEW TODAY has been unable to ascertain if the police apprehended and charged the individual from whom the US national purchased the illegal substance on the beach.

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