NDC will teach NNP a lesson on Election Day

As the election campaign intensifies, Prime Minister and Political Leader of the ruling New National Party (NNP), Dr. Keith Mitchell, continues to launch verbal attacks on the two young candidates representing the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ali Dowden and Tevin Andrews.

Addressing a recent NNP rally, Dr. Mitchell heavily criticised Dowden, who is seeking to unseat him in the St. George North-west Constituency and Andrews, who will come up against NNPs newcomer and candidate for the sister isle of Carriacou & Petite Martinique, Kendra Mathurine-Stewart.

The Prime Minister lashed out at the two and branded them as persons who have not worked a single day in their lives before but want to become representatives for the two constituencies.

Dowden and Andrews used last Sunday’s Congress rally on The Carenage in St. George’s, which was streamed live on social media to respond to Dr. Mitchell’s attacks.

Dowden warned Grenadians to not be fooled by Dr. Mitchell and his propaganda, because this election is not about old talk but about the issues that are affecting them as citizens of the country.

“I say to you, this election it not about old talk, tight pants, hype and who could dance. This election is about issues – jobs, health care and empowerment and young people, this election is about our future,” he charged, adding, “and we must not play with our future”.

“So, when you hear the Prime Minister talking ‘man-j-pup-put’ about we (Tevin and I), never worked a day in we life yet but we want to be representative. Yes, I want to be (a) representative, because I want to show the people of St. George North-west the absolute failure that Dr. Mitchell has been for the past 34 years in Parliament and that I would do a much better job within five years,” said the NDC candidate who has been involved in charity work for the past several years.

Dowden, who is a past President of the Kidney Foundation told the gathering that the success that “I will accomplish within the first 6 months (of taking) office, will be much more than what Dr. Mitchell would have ever accomplished”.

He lamented the fact that “the people of Happy Hill are still without a Community Centre, the healthcare in Happy Hill is still broken (and that) the roof of the pre-school is still leaking (because) termites are still infecting the boards.”

In the case of Andrews, he brushed aside the onslaught on him from 71-year old Prime Minister Mitchell and pointed out that Congress will win the March 13 poll and form the next government in Grenada.

“I didn’t want to respond to him (Dr. Mitchell) but I thought it was important (because it seems like) this man is obsessed with us (to be) calling up my name”, he said.

Andrews charged that “dancing and whining will not deal with the fundamental issues facing the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique”.

He also said that “we need good leadership to take his country forward and the fact remains that Dr. Mitchell and his bunch of cabals, are not competent and capable enough to lead this country into another level, because if you see what is happening the NNP are more concerned about themselves and a selected few.”

The NDC candidate, who was employed with the Government of Grenada prior to his entrance in frontline politics a couple years ago stated prior to that, he volunteered his time teaching children on the sister isle how to read and write.

“So, when he (Dr. Mitchell) talk about is work I am looking for, is not work I am looking for, I am continuing to serve the interest of the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique”, he said.

“I realise that you (Dr. Mitchell) are obsessed with me, but I will teach you a lesson in Carriacou and Petite Martinique come Election Day, and we are going to teach them a lesson here in Grenada too, we are going to give them blows like we never gave them before”, he added.

Dr. Mitchell and his team of candidates have been running a campaign noted for appearances by the island’s soca artistes like Talpree, Zingo, Inspector and Sheldon Douglas who have managed to get the candidates to engage in dancing and gyrating to their music.

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