Mystery Death at Hospital!!!

Fingers are again pointing at the health care system in Grenada following the death in the early hours Tuesday of Beaulieu resident, Hermanie Patterson.

Hermanie Patterson – died after surgery at the hospital

THE NEW TODAY understands that the young lady believed to be in her mid-30’s died about eight to ten hours after undergoing thyroid surgery at the St. George’s General Hospital.

There has been no official comment from hospital officials on the controversial death of the Security Guard.

This newspaper contacted Hospital Administrator, Esther Fleary and Chief Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health, Dr. George Mitchell for comment on the death that has left many persons dumbfounded.

Fleary said that she is not allowed to comment without first getting permission from the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Dr. Mitchell indicated that he did not have any information on the death.

However, he stated that he would seek to get the relevant information from the Medical Director at the hospital, Dr. Kester Dragon in order to respond to the case.

One concerned local said that the news of the passing of Hermanie “is scaring me since my sister has to do a like surgery” at the hospital.

Another irate Grenadian said: “Our hospital is regressing to a butcher stall. Could you imagine a young lady went in for a minor thyroid surgery and died this morning after surgery. That is unacceptable”.

One concerned senior citizen stressed that he was flabbergasted that persons will die given the advance in medicine from something that is considered as “a simple surgery”.

“It’s not until persons are charged with Manslaughter they would take these things seriously”, he remarked.

A close friend of the young lady told THE NEW TODAY that she “cried a lot this morning for Hermanie”.
She said that Patterson had to do the surgery in December but postponed it in order to spend Christmas with her two children.

She described the young lady as a “very good security officer” while serving at the Botanical Gardens before she was recently transferred to work at the state-run National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA).

The island’s healthcare system has been coming in for a barrage of criticisms from the public in light of some contentious deaths in recent years.

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