Ministry investigates deaths at hospital

The Ministry of Health has launched an investigation into the occurrences of mysterious deaths at the St. George’s General Hospital.

Dr. George Mitchell – responded to the latest
controversial death at the hospital

This was announced by Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr George Mitchell in response to queries from THE NEW TODAY newspaper in relation to the untimely death last week of a 42-year-old female after undergoing surgery at the hospital.

In a telephone interview last Friday, Dr. Mitchell said that Hermanie Patterson of Beaulieu, St. George, died a few hours after undergoing a thyroid surgery.

He said the patient “recovered from the general anesthetic ” and was in the recovery room at the hospital when she died.

He stated that the “exact cause of death is unknown” but is currently being investigated and that an “urgent post-mortem has been ordered “to determine the actual cause of death.

There is a rising concern among the population over the number of unusual deaths at the hospital in recent years.

Against this backdrop, the CMO indicated that the ministry has decided to probe into those deaths.

Dr. Mitchell said, “The ministry is extremely concerned about the occurrences of deaths at the hospital including some post-surgical cases and we are investigating these matters as we speak in order to get to the cause then following which the necessary actions will be taken.”

Over the weekend, former New National Party (NNP) executive member, Kennedy Roberts who appeared on the platform of the rival Congress chided the Keith Mitchell-led government for its lacklustre manner in handling healthcare in the country.

Roberts told cheering supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that he had listened to their health policies and agreed to assist them in the upcoming general elections to try and effect regime change.

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