Shop-keeper Charged for Sexual Offence Against Young Boy

A Grand Anse Valley resident, who is accused of having sexual intercourse with a teenage boy, was on Monday granted $8, 000 bail, when he made his first appearance before Chief Magistrate, Tamara Gill.

64-year-old Clifton Smith caught having sexual intercourse with a teenage boy

The charge was slapped on former shop owner, 64-year-old Clifton Smith, popularly known as ‘Santa’ who appeared, unrepresented, before the No. 1 Magistrate’s Court in St. George’s, where he was granted bail with two sureties.

THE NEW TODAY understands that this is not the first allegation made against the elderly man for sexual offences against young men in the area.

“Santa” was picked up by police last week Wednesday, for questioning in connection with an alleged incident, which involves a 15-year-old boy, after he was caught in the act by another individual.

Speaking on the issue with THE NEW TODAY on Monday afternoon, one Grand Anse Valley resident, said the accused sex offender, who once operated a shop at the downstairs of his home, has a very bad reputation in the community.

The resident said he is often accused of manipulating and promising young boys snacks from the shop and money to lure them into following him upstairs of the house, where he lived with his wife.

According to the resident, the speculation in that “this is one of the main reasons why his wife left him” and that he (Smith) “got away with a lot of things already…a lot of things…he is a nasty, nasty man.”

The Chief Magistrate informed the suspect that based on the seriousness of the offence, he would have to retain counsel for the court matter.

Smith was originally granted $10, 000 bail with 2 sureties for the offence but the amount was reduced when he indicated that he could not find matching suretors.

Information reaching THE NEW TODAY is that all who were approached to take bail for the first-time offender refused to do so, including his wife, who, now occupies the upstairs of the 2-storey house.

Until he is able to secure bail, Smith will remain in custody at the Richmond Hill Prison until his next court appearance on February 16.

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