NDC rally for Claudette Joseph in town

“There is none in comparison to Claudette, a woman of integrity, who believes in genuine development…Claudette made a sacrifice, she could have stayed in her comfort zone but she decided to stand up for the people of the Town of St. George (and) if you look at the other person that is being presented there is absolutely no comparison.”

Claudette Joseph, accompanied on stage by her mother at Sunday’s NDC rally

That was the strong declaration of support coming from the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Candidate for Carriacou & Petite Martinique, Tevin Andrews in support of his colleague Claudette Joseph, who will contest with former NDC member, Peter David, for the seat in the Town of St. George.

Andrews, who was addressing a massive gathering of supporters at Sunday’s Congress rally on the Carenage in St. George’s expressed the view that “Claudette is capable of transforming, not only the Town of St. George, but the country as a whole.”

David, who joined the ruling New National Party (NNP), following his expulsion from the NDC in 2012, along with other expelled members of Congress, were accused of giving support to NNP to help unseat Prime Minister Tillman Thomas in the February 19, 2013 General Elections.

He was later appointed as a Senator by the ruling party and chosen to replace elected Member of Parliament, Nicholas Steele as the NNP Candidate for the Town of St. George in the upcoming General Elections.

Steele has been moved to South St. George, to replace MP Alexandra Otway-Noel, who was forced out of frontline politics following a fall-out with the ruling party.

Congress candidate for South St. George, Raymond Roberts also voiced strong support for Joseph, an attorney-at-law, in the Town seat.

Roberts told the gathering: “We have given you a lady of the highest calibre, Sister Claudette Joseph. The NNP gave you, and you elected him, a successful failure (in) Nickolas Steele. They have (now) returned to what I like to call a man who makes prostitution look good (in) Peter David.

“Brothers and sisters, if you want to see this Town come back to what it was…you got to vote for Claudette Joseph. It is your only choice,” he said.

NDC supporters at Sunday’s Congress Rally

He went on: “Unlike my good friend …. who walks (around) with (money) in his pocket and gives everybody a $5.00 and $10.00, Claudette works with young boys and girls to educate them.”

“These people do not see themselves as servants (but) see political office as a means of attaining power and authority…so once elected they forget about the people.”

In her address at the Congress rally, Joseph labelled David, who has served two consecutive terms as Member of Parliament for the Town of St. George, as a “traitor” and who has not been able to “complete not one project in the constituency”.

“Clean, clean, clean, that is how I come to you,” said Joseph who rolled out to supporters her plans for the development of the Town of St. George.

Promising to “restore our town (the Town of St George) and rebuild our heritage, Joseph told supporters that, an NDC government will rebuild our community spaces, and build a new public library…we are going to empower people by giving them jobs”.

She added, “all that we do in the Town will create jobs, such that within the first two months of being your representative, we will aim to create 300 to 400 jobs by renovating our historic buildings, drains, sidewalks and back alleys”.

“This is what I pledge to you: hard work, lift up the people. We are going to focus on healthcare and go back to our project which we stared in 2008, our teaching hospital (and) we are going to create a health centre for the people of the Town of St. George so that we do not have to share a health centre with the rest of the nation because we are one of the few communities with no health centre of our own,” she remarked.

“We are going to give land…and this is going to be a national programme…where people are squatting on land that belongs to the Crown. We are going to empower you to have ownership of those lands so that you can use those lands to enrich yourselves and create wealth, to get a loan from the bank, to improve your homes…

“We are going to do all these things so that in the end you will see, that we put people first. We are dead serious when we say that … we are going to put you, the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique first because it is indeed one of our core principles”.

Joseph also pledged the NDCs commitment to preserving the country’s heritage and patrimony.

“If the New National Party succeeds in the next election (you can) bet your life, you are going to see bulldozers on Camerhogne Park the next morning, because they done sell it already. They just asked the developers not to start to build before the elections. That’s the fact.

“We are not going to give away our patrimony and we are going to get to the bottom of whatever dirty deal was done with our oil and gas and we are going to create wealth with our natural resources.

“Whoever has Camerhogne Park, we have news for you; we are taking it back for our people. And all the crooked Charles Liu and company that the NNP government insisted on dealing with, we are going to reclaim our national assets for the people of Grenada, because without assets we are destitute…”.

Joseph charged that under NNP’s rule Grenada is now listed among the most depressed worse countries in the world.

She said: “If you look at the statistics, you will see that we are only beating Haiti (which is considered the poorest country in the world), in unemployment, poverty and corruption and when it comes to the young people who are unemployed in Grenada, Haiti is actually doing better than us…”.

Joseph urged NDC supporters to ensure that they make the right choice on Election Day by voting Congress into office.

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