Health insurance still on!!!

In keeping with Government’s decision to introduce a National Health Insurance (NHI) programme for Grenada which aims to provide universally accessible and affordable health services to its residents, the University of the West Indies, HEU, Centre for Health Economics (UWI-HEU) has been contracted as the Lead Consultant, to complete the critical components of the project.

Charmaine Metivier and Dr. Stanley Lalta, members of the UWI-HEU team arrived in Grenada in December 2017 and held introductory meetings and courtesy visits with key stakeholders including the Ministry of Implementation, Ministry of Health and the National Insurance Board.

The consultants will be on island through July 2018 and are based in the NHI Secretariat, which is located in the NIS building on Melville Street, St. George’s.

The Secretariat was officially launched on October 31 and is headed by Claudette James, Project Head.
During the week of January 15-19, UWI’s Costing Specialist, Dr. Christine Laptiste and Medical Specialist, Dr. Anton Cumberbatch were on the island meeting with a cross section of key stakeholders.

They met with primary healthcare providers, pharmacies and health insurance companies gathering data for the composition of the services to be included in the Benefit Package and its cost.

Professor Theodore, Director of the Centre for Health Economics was also on island during the week and paid courtesy calls to the Minister of Implementation, National Health Insurance Advisory Committee and the Director of the National Insurance Board.

Another UWI-HEU Consultant, Edison Garraway, who specialises in Organisation and Governance Design, is currently on island for one week to meet with another group of stakeholders to review and develop the organisational and governance structure for the NHI.

Kimoy Worrell, Macroeconomic Specialist is also on island conducting research for the macroeconomic component of the project.

(Submitted by the Secretariat of the National Health Insurance body)

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