Crochu Man charged with discovery of 289lbs of ganja

Law enforcement officers have arrested and charged a St. Andrew man in connection with the discovery of 289 pounds of marijuana that was found hidden in some bushes in the vicinity of the Bel Air Resort in St.David’s on January 19.

Repeat drug offender Jackson Crooks is facing a charge of trafficking a controlled drug

Charged with trafficking a controlled drug is 25-year-old, Jackson Crooks, an unemployed man from Crochu, St. Andrew.

The accused appeared before Magistrate Karen Noel at the Sauteurs Magistrate’s Court last week Thursday, where he was remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison, pending his second court hearing, which is scheduled for this Friday, at the St. David’s Magistrate’s Court.

The drug suspect has retained the services of seasoned defense attorney, Anselm Clouden, who was unable to convince the court that Crooks would adhere to specified bail conditions.

The Police Prosecution argued that the repeat offender is indebted to the court for an outstanding fine for a similar offence and objected to the granting of bail.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the police brought to the attention of the court the fact that the drug suspect was apprehended at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA), Point Salines, last week Tuesday, while aboard a Caribbean Airlines flight to neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago.

The lawmen are contending that Crooks should not get bail as he would make another attempt to leave the country by other means.

Information reaching THE NEW TODAY is that the illegal drugs were spotted by a security officer who was working at the abandoned resort.

Police Investigators also found a boat anchored at the secluded bay in front of the abandoned resort along with a white Subaru station wagon registration number PG912, which has been linked to the accused.

THE NEW TODAY also understands that police investigators strongly believe there are other individuals linked to the discovery of the illegal substance, which carries an estimated street value of $654, 296.00.

The lawmen are continuing with their investigations and have not ruled out the arrest of other persons.

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