Investigation into chopping incidents

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is investigating the circumstances surrounding two separate chopping incidents which left a number of individuals hospitalised.

THE NEW TODAY understands that 35-year-old, Dwayne Benette, a resident of Cherry Hill, St. George was rushed to the hospital nursing a chop wound to his head.

Benette was found last week unresponsive at the side of the road along the Kirani James Boulevard.

He was involved in an altercation with Anderson Farray, a resident of Belmont, St. George.

According to reports, Farray was playing music at a Karaoke session at Belmont when Benette requested one song in particular that was turned down.

Benette allegedly pulled out a knife from his pants and inflicted three stab wounds on Farray in the area of the neck and lower abdomen.

After Benette committed the act, he attempted to flee the scene but was reportedly chased by another man who chopped him in the head.

He fell to the ground and became unconscious as a result of the chop wound.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Farray was first brought into the hospital for his stab wounds and later when Benette was brought in, he was able to identify him as his attacker.

There are also reports that another man was left warded at the General Hospital after he was attacked last Friday by four men armed with cutlasses at the St. George’s Bus Terminus.

Police have detained a number of persons for questioning as part of their investigations into the incident.

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