A#keem releases 2nd mixed tape called ‘Raggamuffin’

Grenada’s fast rising Urban Reggae artiste, A#keem, has released his second mixed tape entitled “Raggamuffin,” which features seven original songs, with the start of the New Year.

A#keem on the cover of Raggamuffin

A#keem, whose given name is Akeem David Abraham, has since the debut of his first mixed tape “Feel Good Music” in 2015, attacked the music industry with uplifting musical content, hoping to effect permanent positive change with his music.

“Raggamuffin, was written to be an anthem to persons who dare to stand firm in the name of righteous livity and to those who stand firm behind their words,” A#keem said in a recent interview with THE NEW TODAY.

“I realise there is not a good enough message out here for the youths anymore, so I started working on positive music and in January 2015, I decided to use my talents and abilities to affect permanent and positive change with music,” said the Grand Anse, St. George resident, who wrote and performed all seven songs on the mixed tape, which features local singer Tammy Baldeo and Jelena Niko, a singer from the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

The mixed tape was produced by Lion Riddims, mixed by D Vault Studio and Top Level Recording and mastered by Andrew Denny (De Red Boyz), with Spice Concoction as the Executive Producer.
Before making his way to the national radio waves with his debut mixed tape, A#keem spent his days experiencing life.

Prior to the shift to urban reggae, A#keem spent a great deal of his musical journey as a Pop & RnB artiste. Then after years of searching and self-discovery, he finally found his comfort zone, which was combining Pop, RnB and Reggae music.

He has performed locally at events such as the highly anticipated ‘Ah December to Remember,’ the ‘Pure Grenada Music Festival’ and’ Ah Night of Love,’ among many others.

Some of his notable hits include: ‘World Wide Love’, ‘One Drop’, ‘Sorry Remix’, ‘Real Love’, ‘Individual’ and ‘Back to Afrika’.

A#keem started singing in the church choir at a very young age and later began to use music to express himself.

He said that while studying electrical engineering in neighbouring Trinidad, “I discovered myself and discovered that there was a problem in the world whereby, people don’t have the right influence around them anymore”.

He also sought to compare the quality of music played on the airwaves during his school boy days to what is currently being aired.

In 2015, he landed a contract with Spice Concoction Entertainment and Event Management company, managed by Angus Steele, which has brought him “great success” along his musical journey.

April 2015 saw the release of his first mixed tape, which featured 8 original songs along with Grenadian artiste ‘Deva.’

“Thus far, I have landed some amazing collaborations with persons in Jamaica and Antigua. I have worked with producers from Nigeria (and) all kinds of places (that) I never thought I would reach and I give thanks to Mr. Angus and Spice Concoctions for that,” said A#keem, who has released five music videos in the last two years.

Last October, the versatile musician made his debut in Trinidad as an actor, in a musical called ‘Cone of a Musical,’ which he said was written by Dr. Carl Spencer.

“It was a really incredible experience and I learned a lot not just about music but a different aspect…I learned a greater appreciation for expressing your words, when you say something someone is supposed to feel that word and feel the emotion attached to that word,” he said.

“I am really grateful for that opportunity and I accept every chance I get to learn and take what I can to further excel in my career,” he added.

A#keem also pointed out that even though, “acting was not exactly up my ally…it (his acting debut) was such an extraordinary experience, I am very interested now in becoming an actor.

As he continues on his musical journey, it is A#keem’s hope to continue promoting positive change and livity through his music.

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