A call for waiver of license renewal and inspection fees

Political Leader of the minority Grenada Empowerment Movement (GEM), Earl Maitland, is calling on the Keith Mitchell Government to waive the fees attached to the renewal of vehicle license stickers and inspection this year, in light of the deplorable road structures in the country.

Political Leader of the Grenada Empowerment Movement, Earl Maitland calls for better road structures

In an attack on the deteriorating road conditions around the island, Maitland said that the bad road network has been plunging motorists into unwanted and unnecessary vehicular expenses over the years.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper on Monday, the young politician said that many persons can attest to the fact that their vehicles have gone through various extents of damages due to the poor road conditions in the country.

Maitland also alluded to the many serious vehicular accidents that can and do occur in some instances when motorists attempt to swing away from pot holes in the road.

He said that, “due to the lack of proper road structures, motorists especially, have been financially inclined to keep spending and spending…”.

“Lives are endangered…Tyres have been blown off, rims have been dented, burgeons have been damaged periodically, and you know the average man does not have the finances to just keep spending on cars”, he added.

He noted that “the minimum wage” on the island is about $4.50 an hour, and that persons have families and other bills such as food, water and electricity to take care off.

“Basically, we are wasting a lot of money buying tyres and other car parts throughout the years, in the wake of increasing taxes over the years, especially since 2015, when customs would have made an extra $15 million.

“To go to the Treasury just to sign your name on a piece of paper to do a transfer for a vehicle, (that) has increased from $10 to $100. The fee for vehicle inspection, which we do yearly, has increased from $30 to $75…car parts have increased from 56% to 64%.

Maitland said that he finds it “disturbing…that the government found it unnecessary” to respond to his continuous call for better road structures in the country”.

He called on the Mitchell-led government to “give us a break and wave the normal yearly fees attached to obtaining a vehicle license sticker and inspection, seeing that we are spending so much money trying to fix damages caused by the roads.”

Maitland is set to become a candidate in the upcoming general election on the GEM ticket.

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