Traffic Advisory Body launched

The Traffic Department recognizing that there is an increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents on island has invited like-minded persons to form a Traffic Advisory Body (TAB) has been launched in Grenada to help alleviate traffic issues faced by the public on a daily basis.

Chairperson of the Body – Raquel Pivott-Stewart

TAB was officially launched at the Grenada Trade Centre Annex last Thursday with its logo carrying the tag line – safer people, safer roads, safer country.

Operating purely in an advisory capacity, the new 10-member body is headed by insurance executive, Raquel Pivott-Stewart, with the job of Secretary falling to Police Sergeant, Ryan Smith.

The other members appointed to serve on TAB are Officer in Charge of Traffic, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Linford Kingston, Inspectors of Police, Gillean Thomas and Randel Baptiste, business executive Royston La Hee, Driving Inspector Glen James, businessman Leonard George together with Sonia Nixon, and Cecil Edwards.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the new body has been in the making for over a year.

According to ASP Kingston, the establishment of the body is in keeping with the community policing philosophy of the Royal Grenada Police Force’s (RGPF).

He said the primary function of TAB is to advise the Traffic Department on road safety matters, provide strategies to deal with drivers and to improve “the efficiency in general services that we provide to the public.”

“If we have to improve our efficiency and effectively manage projects on our roads, apart from our routine responsibility, we must have a new objective – one that’s completely different from law enforcement”, he remarked.

“This perspective will create a new relationship between the police and the community, one that is built on trust and commitment working strategically to make our roads safer for everyone”, he said.

Officer in Charge of the Traffic Department – Ag. ASP Linford Kingston

The middle-rank police officer believes that with TAB partnering with the Traffic Department, this is the best way to go forward to create a new thrust that focuses on serving the population with distinction and enhancing the image of the Traffic Department.

In her remarks, Pivott-Stewart pointed out that recommendations made by TAB to the Transport Board will be channeled through the Traffic Department for consideration and for possible implementation.

She said that the body will also focus on educating the public on issues of road use, as well as arrange traffic observation visits to areas within communities and make recommendations where necessary.

She added that TAB will make recommendations to the Traffic Department on ways and methods to enhance and improve the motor vehicle inspection process, and to identify issues affecting traffic management and the services offered by the Traffic Department.

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