Rootsman Kelly: Defending in 2018 will be his last in the Independence competition

Calypso monarch Kelly “Rootsman Kelly” Clyne has announced that after defending his 2017 Independence Calypso Monarch title, he will be bowing out of that competition for good.

Rootsman Kelly will be leaving the independence competition after this year

In an interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper on Tuesday, the Rootsman said that “win or lose this will be my last year for the competition” because he will like “to give someone else the chance to win.”

Fourteen Calypsonians are in the running to try and dethrone Clyne as the defending monarch in the competition to be held on January 27 at the Sauteurs Bus Terminal in St. Patrick.

The reigning monarch who has won the competition for the last two years is hoping to complete a hatrick of victories later this month.

He was not willing to “let the cat out of the bag” in terms of his composition song but warned his competitors that he is not “going to make it easy for them fellas.”

The fourteen artistes who are expected to challenge the Rootsman next Saturday night are Jermaine “Superstar” Simon (“One People”), Teddy “Top Cat” Christopher (“Touching Base”), Sheldon Douglas with “Do You Know”, Sean “Sour Serpent” Niles (“We en Gone Through”), Michael “Wonder Boy” Griffith (“Make Grenada Sweet Again”), and Edison “Teacher Eddie” Francis (“One People”).

The other competing artistes are Christopher “Sqeezy” Antoine (“Grenada We Give Us Dat”), Shaunde Joseph (“This is Home”), Abraham “Jah Glory” Lewis, as well as Denson Lewis (“Victory”), O’Neal “Gunn” Findley (“Independent Grenada”), Anthony “Grenada Michael Jackson” Etienne (“Moving Upwards”), Shanae “Mini Axe” Sylvan (“Independence Marriage” and Cheryl “Lady Cheryl” (“We Have Come A Long Way”.)

The National Celebrations Committee (NCC) is predicting that the 2018 competition will be “one of the keenest” patrons would have ever experienced as the songs are based on the 2018 Independence theme – “One people, one country, our responsibility”.

The committee said that the lyrical content of the songs is expected to be of a high standard and “a reflection of our achievements over the last forty-four years.”

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