NDC calls for Independent Commission to Investigate Illegal Selling of Diplomatic Passports

Several international media outlets have reported the widely circulated allegation that the Grenadian government is selling our diplomatic passports.

The sale of diplomatic passports by the Government of any country is illegal and represents a scandal of the highest degree.

Our diplomatic passports are meant for Grenadian diplomats, not for random individuals from other countries who are not providing any service to Grenada but are willing to pay for a diplomatic passport.

It is alleged that a Pakistani national who is not in the service of Grenada is the holder of a Grenada diplomatic passport which was granted to him in exchange for money. Such an act would be contrary to international law and practice.

The consequences of this scandal are severe. Our country could be regarded as a rogue state. Our diplomats could be prohibited from entering countless countries around the world. The Grenadian passport could also be put at risk. We already saw the rollback of visa free entry into Canada for our Nationals resulting from government’s reckless handling of our passport. It could get worse.

Our society only advances when Grenadians can freely travel and when our diplomats are respected. If our diplomats are not respected and further restrictions are placed on our travel, our economy will suffer and Grenada will become a laughing stock.

To settle this matter, the NDC calls on government to come clean. Tell us: (1) if they have been selling diplomatic passports and if so, (2) who are the persons to whom these illegal diplomatic passports have been sold.

We further call on the Governor General of Grenada to cause a Commission of Inquiry to be appointed to conduct an investigation into whether our diplomatic passports are being sold and if so, the circumstances under which these sales have taken or are taking place.

This will send a strong message to the international community that Grenada is committed to good governance and the rule of law and encourage foreign investment into our country.

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