Magistrate revokes bail for repeat drug offender

A repeat drug offender had his bail revoked and was remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison after he was arrested on another drug related charge, the day after his release from police custody.

Monica Neckles (orange shirt) among other prisoners who tried to evade the media, while being escorted from court last week Friday

This was the order imposed on River Road, St. George resident, Daniel Frazer, who appeared before Magistrate Tahira Gellineau last week Friday, charged for Possession with Intent to Supply, approximately 110 grams and 10 portions of marijuana.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Frazer, was first apprehended by police last week Monday, and slapped with one count of Possession with Intent to Supply a Controlled Drug, after 3.52 ounces of marijuana (21 small wrapped portions and additional 5 grams) were found in his possession.

He had retained experienced criminal defense attorney, Peter David, who was successful in securing bail for him with one surety.

Although information is sketchy, THE NEW TODAY understands that things took a different turn the following day, when Frazer and his female suretor, Monica Neckles, along with another individual, 19-year-old Kevon Persue, were apprehended by police officers last week Tuesday and slapped with a joint charge of Possession with Intent to Supply a controlled drug.

Daniel Frazer – remanded to prison on drug charges after his bail was revoked

The three appeared at the St. George’s No.2 Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Gellineau unrepresented but informed the court that they will seek counsel in Attorney David, who is on record as representing Frazer in another drug matter pending before the court.

There were strong objections to bail for Frazer from the Police Prosecution team which informed the court that the accused has one previous drug related conviction in the Magistrate’s Court for the same offense, dating back to April 2015, for which he was fined a total of $75 000, which has not been completely paid out to the court.

Frazer also has seven other unrelated convictions.

The prosecution expressed concern and brought to the court’s attention “the proximity of offences” and described it as “troubling.”

19-year-old Kevon Pursue is also jointly charged with Fraizer and Neckles for the drugs found

The Police Prosecutor stated that by re-offending it is a clear indication that Frazer “has no intention to stop” dealing in illegal drugs.

The Police also informed the court, that Frazer and Neckles are also jointly charged on another drug related matter which is pending before the court and argued that Neckles is unfit to be a suretor, now that she has once again found herself in trouble with the law.

Magistrate Gellineau denied bail for Frazer and remanded him to prison.

However, bail was granted in the sum of $8, 000 with one surety to both Neckles and Persue.

The three drug suspects are due to reappear before Magistrate Gellineau on Monday.

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