Clouden pushes ahead with plans for legalisation of marijuana

Attorney-at-law, Anselm Clouden has renewed his call for Grenada to legalise marijuana for revenue generation.

Speaking to reporters in St. George’s, Clouden, reiterated that the state of California in the United of States has taken the decision to legalise the herb and that Grenada should give heavy consideration to doing the same.

He said that the cash-strapped island which recently underwent a Structural Adjustment programme with severe austerity measures is in need of an economic crop to bring in finance into the Treasury.
According to the outspoken Attorney, California is projected to earn billions of dollars in revenue as a result of the decision taken to legalise ganja and contrary to fears no juvenile consumption has been recorded in the State.

“I was heartened and vindicated so to speak over the weekend when I discovered that the state of California has now legalised marijuana not only for medicinal purposes but also for recreational purposes and they have projected that in short order, the revenues to be derived from the sale would be in the vicinity of three to five billion dollars”, he told reporters assembled at his office on Lucas Street, St. George.

“What is most interesting in the findings as reported by the Governor of California (that) since legalisation for medicinal purposes and legalisation for recreational purposes, they have seen no increase in juvenile use. The same is said of Colorado, who for years (has) legalised marijuana”, he said.

Clouden argued that the concern by Grenada that legalising the drug would encourage juvenile recreational use should now be dismissed based on the findings in California and Colorado.

He went on: “…As a matter of fact, sick people from other states have been able to migrate to Colorado where they can be prescribed medicinal marijuana – they now also have recreational marijuana and they’re saying that they have seen no increase in juvenile consumption. Therefore, this talk that young people are going to smoke it and … it’s going to affect them psychologically because it’s a psychotropic substance, is baseless, completely baseless.”

Clouden also believes that candidates contesting the upcoming general elections should be called upon to declare their positions on the legalisation of ganja in the country.

He said that Grenadians should put the question to the prospective Ministers of Government so that they can decide “what they want, how they want to be governed and if they would require medicinal marijuana”.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has vowed that marijuana use will not be legalised in Grenada under his watch.

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