Sexual Assault on 6-year-old Girl

An Apres Toute man, who is considered to be mentally unstable has been picked up by police for questioning in connection to the attempted rape of a 6-year-old girl in the small village last week Friday afternoon.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Claudius Morain, unemployed, was caught in the act by the father of the child, Leon Williams, just after 3.00 p.m. while he was returning home from a trip down the road.

“It was just after three o’ clock – I was going home and I heard a little crying voice just about 60 ft away so I rushed to the sound that I was hearing and only to see (to his surprise) this man have my little six year old child upside down…and he was making some serious ‘juck’ behind her,” Williams said in an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY on Tuesday.

Williams indicated that it took a lot out of him to be sensible and not give into the urge to do unlawful things to the man, after seeing him standing there holding his “daughter in the air, with her pants pulled down to her ankle and his right hand around her waist.”

He said that other family members called the police after becoming aware of the incident.

THE NEW TODAY understands that by the time the police arrived on the scene, Morain had already fled the area after receiving a serious beating by outraged family members.

“He does always be in the yard, does work for my wife, get food to eat, and we does treat him really nice,” added Williams, who is self-employed as a tour operator.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Morain was arrested by officers attached to the St. David’s Police Station on Monday afternoon at his sister’s house in the nearby village of Belle Vue, St. David.

“I learned that they picked him up yesterday afternoon, passed him in Grenville (at the Grenville Magistrate’s Court) this morning and sent him down on remand,” the father said.

However, when contacted the Community Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) was unable to confirm the report.

According to the child’s mother, her six-year-old daughter has been recuperating well since the incident.

Speaking with THE NEW TODAY on Wednesday morning, the mother said she did not hear anything from the police since Monday when they called to inform her of Morain’s apprehension.

She said she was told that she will be summoned to court when the date has been decided upon for the hearing.

Up to press time, the police force has not released any information on the Apres Toute incident.

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