A design competition for a more localised Underwater Sculpture Park

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is hoping to make Grenada’s world renowned Underwater Sculpture Park more homegrown through a design competition to be held for local artistes and designers.

The competition, to be held in collaboration with the Grenada Under Water Sculpture Management Group, is targeting participants from schools, groups and individual artistes.

During the recent launch of the event held at the Grenada Tourism Authority Conference Room on the Carenage, St. George, Member of the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park Management Group, Phil Saye said that the Underwater Sculpture Park at Molinere in St. George is losing its touch and tourists and locals alike would like to see something new on visiting the park.

He noted that most of the sculptures placed in the park were designed and developed outside of Grenada and do not truly represent the local culture.

According to Saye, the intention of the local design competition is to bring a level of authenticity and originality to the park.

“We realise that to keep up with the rest of the world, we need help and the help is really what we want. A brand new development plan for the sculpture park and this is where we want to bring in the Grenadian public. Up to now a lot of the designs that concepts the ideas of the building of the sculptures have come a lot from abroad from people’s ideas and we’re bringing people to actually build them”, he said.

“What we want now is the feature of the sculpture park to be homegrown. So, therefore, we want all the ideas for the next five years to be ideas of Grenadians”, he added.

Head of Product Development at GTA, Kirk Hoschtialek said that the sculptures that they are trying to attract must be of quality, unique, as well as representative of Grenadian Folklore, history, culture and the environment.

She disclosed that the winning design will be transformed into concrete sculpture to be placed in the park.
She said that there is no limit to the number of entries that a person or school can make as this will be a five year programme and every year a new design is expected to be placed in the park.

She went on: “The competition is open to everyone of every age and every entry must be submitted using the entry form which we will make available…things that make the Underwater Sculpture Park come alive and whereby where people go to dive in the Underwater Sculpture Park they see elements of who we are as Grenadians – people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique”.

Hoschtialek announced that all submissions must be the original work of the person or group and must also include a short description of the work.

“So if you decide that you want to do a Jab Jab and the Jab Jab is going to have the chain and the horns and whatever else, you need also to give us a little description as to what the concept is about because it can also be a nutmeg right, but a nutmeg is such a unique way that you also need to bring life to it”, she said.

The competition carries a first prize of $5000, second ($3000) while the third place winner will receive $2000 (that would be for individuals) but if it is a school and they happen to win first prize, the student will get $2000, and the school will get $3000.

If the school wins second place, their student will get $1000 and the school will get $2000.

Persons can email entries to sculpturedesigns@puregrenada.com before the third week of January.

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