Former Opposition Leader, Michael Baptiste has launched a campaign to get the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) government to revoke the passport of convicted Indian businessman, Fazall Sahied who served a prison sentence for the 2002 murder of his Grenadian-born wife, Gillian Celestine.

Michael Baptiste – pressing for local passport to be withdrawn from Fazall Sahied

Baptiste has been visiting local media houses at the start of the new year to express concern over reports that Sahied now out of prison, has gone back to India to get married and to bring back his new wife to live with him in Grenada.

In speaking to THE NEW TODAY, the former executive member of the now defunct Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) said that the convicted Indian businessman should not be allowed to bring back an Indian woman as his wife to Grenada as this will be an affront to the Celestine family.

“The family is still trying to come to terms with the brutal death of their daughter at the hands of this murderer and he should not be allowed to continue to humiliate them”, he said.

The former Opposition Leader called on Prime Minister Mitchell and Works Minister Gregory Bowen, the Parliamentary Representative of St. George South-east where the Celestine family reside to do something about this unfolding event.

“I have information – solid information – that Mr. Fazall Sahied – has left our shores, gone back to India to get married and to bring back his wife to live with him in Grenada”, he said.

“Why did he (Sahied) kill Gillian in the first place? Did he kill her so that he could be free to get married to this Indian woman and then bring her to Grenada as a replacement for Gillian?”

Gillian was killed at her husband’s home in Frequente in July 2002 and her body dumped on an isolated beach at Bailes Bacolet in St. David’s.

Sahied fled the island but was nabbed by police in London as he waited at an airport to board a flight for his homeland.

His detention led to a diplomatic problem as the British government refused to extradite him to Grenada to face murder trial in which the death penalty could be imposed to him.

The Mitchell-led government, through then attorney-general, Raymond Anthony gave assurances that the Indian businessman will only be subjected to a life imprisonment sentence in order to secure his return to stand trial for the murder of his wife.

According to Baptiste, Prime Minister Mitchell has the powers as the Minister responsible for Home Affairs and the issuing of passports to revoke the passport given to this convicted Indian businessman and declare him persona non-grata in Grenada.

He made mention of the quick manner in which Dr. Mitchell moved to revoke the status of Iranian-born Steve Fassihi after he wrote articles critical of him as head of the NNP regime.

Within the past year, PM Mitchell also revoked the Grenadian status given to British National, Darren Turner who ran a restaurant at the Prickly Bay marina at Lance Aux Epines.

There are unconfirmed reports that the British government through its local representative on the island failed in many attempts to get an explanation from the Mitchell-led government on the reasons for Turner’s expulsion.

Speculation is rife that the British businessman was married to a local woman.

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