Christmas message from Terrance Forrester, Founder & Political Leader of the Grenada Progressive Movement

Glory to God in the highest and on Earth peace and goodwill to men.

My Fellow Grenadians with these words from the Holy Bible I bring you the best wishes for this holiday season.

We have traversed a year of tough times and strife but in the face of great economic and social odds we have shown that we are a people of strength and grace.

We must continue to hold steadfast, our belief that a better day is possible and deserved in our beautiful nation.

It is through our collective efforts of generosity, empathy and responsibility that we will secure goodwill and peace for every Grenadian woman, man and child.

We have struggled together to hold ourselves, our families and our nation together and as we prepare to enter this new cycle of 2018 we must not waver in our desire for a better country, where everyone is given a fair opportunity for happiness and prosperity.

This year, we saw our Caribbean brothers and sisters suffer through the devastation of natural disasters, giving us a harsh reminder of our own vulnerability.

It was also an opportunity for Grenadians to reach out to help those in need despite our own economic disaster here at home.

I am proud of us as a people because we demonstrate time after time that we stand together in the name of peace and goodwill for all men.

We have had our own tragedies – families forced to cope with devastating events in their lives and we keep each and everyone of our fellow Grenadians who are hurting, in our prayers.

But we must not look back to the bad times; this is the season of renewal, looking ahead to what we can achieve in order to build better lives for each and everyone of our fellow Grenadians.

We have faced crushing disappointment from those who have thus far promised to help us realise our dream of a more prosperous and respectable nation. This is why the decisions that we make going forward must be about renewal and substantial change.

We must be prepared to do right by our children who are our very future and our elderly who have already paid their dues to help build our country.

I pledge to stand with my fellow Grenadians, through whatever the future presents, so that together we can all witness a beautiful change for Grenada.

To all those who have worked tirelessly, doing their part to keep us from the brink of chaos, we say thank you.

To the nurses and doctors at our hospitals who have worked to save lives without adequate resources, we thank you for your diligence.

To our nation’s teachers who stand on the frontline of our efforts to ensure a bright future, we thank you. To all public servants ending 2017 with the uncertainty of the pension problem hanging over their heads, we offer you solidarity and say thank you for continuing to keep the wheels of government turning.

We must also remember those among us who have been hardest hit by our economic woes and for whom Christmas may not be as bright as they would wish. It is here, that our spirit of generosity must make a difference, by sharing with the less fortunate among us.

In 2018 let us move forward, secure in the knowledge that the future of the nation is in the hands of every Grenadian; that no one person can lead us to prosperity. As we face our challenges we must understand that the opportunities for betterment are ours to take.

I close by wishing us a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season.

May God Bless us all; May God Bless our Nation.

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