65-year old Man gets 1 Year for Attempted Sexual Abuse

An elderly man from Perdmontemps, St. David, has been sentenced to 1-year in prison with counselling, after he pleaded guilty to attempting to sexually assault his 12-year-old grand-daughter in an incident that occurred on November 26.

The sentence was handed down last week Monday on 65-year-old Fabian Alexis by Magistrate Karen Noel at the St. David’s Magistrate’s Court.

THE NEW TODAY understands the elderly man was arrested and charged on December 2, after the victim’s mother reported the incident in which he tried to lure her daughter into his house that Sunday evening.

Speaking with this newspaper via telephone last week Friday, the victim’s mother who did not want to be identified said that they all live in a family yard together and this was not the first time that Alexis attempted to sexually assault the child, who is fathered by one of his sons.

“He (Alexis) tried to touch her on October 4, 2015 and that day I went to a baby shower and when I came home my daughter came to me and she told me that he (Alexis) was telling her come in the back with him let him give it a little touch,” said the distraught mother.

According to the mother, she took her daughter to the St. Paul’s police station to file a report about the incident.

She spoke of the police asking her if she wanted to press charges against the child’s grand-father but she was not inclined to do so.

“At the time, they (the police) asked me what I wanted to do and I said (that) it’s her grandfather and he didn’t actually touch her so just speak to him so that he would not allow it to happen again,” the young lady reportedly told the police.

Alexis was taken into custody but released after 72 hours by the police.

The mother said she then cautioned her daughter about speaking to her grandfather after the incident.

However, as time passed, she said she allowed the child to extend basic cordiality to her grandfather until November 26, when he tried to lure her into his house for a second time.

The mother said: “It was Sunday, November 26 around after 2.00 p.m, my daughter came to me saying mammy, you know papa telling me things again. She was playing in the garden with her cousins and he called her and sent her to buy ice cream. She returned with some other cousins and he sent them to buy ice cream for themselves and he tried to lure my daughter inside the house, cunningly telling her to come, come inside the house.

“I called his sister-in law (the wife of the brother of the 65-year old man) and his son and they went to speak to him and is like the man wasn’t showing any remorse…so I sat down and I thought about it and I said, you know what, look just the other day they had to bury Ariel (Bolah) and I said to myself, if this man continually doing that, he might try to hold down my daughter one day and might eventually try to
kill her because he knows she is going to talk and say what he did,” she added.

The mother pointed out that Alexis actually confessed to the police about his actions and when the investigating officers asked him what he wanted to do with his grand-daughter, he said, he would have fingered her and touch her little breast.

“Can you imagine that the child grandfather…someone who is supposed to be protective of her, now trying to harm her,” the mother said with disgust.

“And it’s like he had no remorse. He went before the Magistrate and she read out the charge to him and he pleaded guilty. He responded, “no”, when the Magistrate asked him if he had anything to say,” she added.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the mother of the 12-year old is coming under increasing pressure from close relatives of Alexis after the Magistrate imposed the one year jail term on him.

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