Roberts: NDC is the only hope for Grenada

“We are constructing a cabal state in which the integrity of the country is falling apart.”

Those were the words used by Candidate for the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the South St. George constituency, Rae Roberts to describe certain dealings involving the Keith Mitchell-led government.

Roberts described as “a cloud of secrecy” the manner in which government went about the recent sale or privatisation of the Gravel and Concrete and Emulsion Production Corporation with a Trinidad company.
The transaction, he said has left a bad taste in the mouth of the workers who are concerned about their welfare.

Speaking at Monday’s weekly press briefing, Roberts also pointed to the “cloud of secrecy” pertaining to the privatisation of the Grenada Postal Corporation (GPC), in which to date not a word has been forthcoming as it relates to the new operators of the company.

“We (NDC) certainly have to condemn the manner in which the Keith Mitchell–led government is treating with Grenadians. It clearly demonstrates a government with absolutely no respect for the intelligence of the population,” he said.

“We are functioning as a state cabal (and) there seems to be no responsibility on the part of your leaders to report to you. You the people must have a sense of how we function,” he added, pointing out that “what we are seeing here today is that a group of men and women are functioning completely, completely, without communicating”.

The NDC candidate also touched on the recent development between government and electricity provider Grenlec, in which the NNP regime amended the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission Amendment Bill 2017, which is applicable only to Grenlec, forcing funds used for community initiatives, into a government-controlled fund.

“That is not a civil society behaviour,” Roberts charged.

“One company, I mean, we know Cable and Wireless/FLOW, they make a lot of money (and) we have not levied anything against them but we gone to Parliament because we have a problem with that company (Grenlec) and we legislate. That is a cabal behaviour, he said.

The NDC candidate also focused on the controversial passport-selling scheme called the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programme.

“We are selling passports and we don’t know who they are being sold to…in Antigua every recipient of a passport is made known to the nation, in Grenada you don’t know who is getting a passport,” he said.

“Really and truly the only group of people I know operate so, are those who run a lodge or mafia…I don’t know of any proper, dignified state and it behooves me that we call ourselves a Christian community and many of us see absolutely nothing wrong in that. I am totally horrified by the behaviour of the government”, he added.

Roberts called for action on these vexing issues from the “stakeholders, trade union movement, Chamber of Commerce, Conference of Churches, Bar Association,” as these organisations, which are the ones tasked with the responsibility “to represent the ordinary people.”

The former civil servant and Labour Senator in Parliament lauded the NDC for being “perhaps one of the most dignified I’ve ever been in.”

“This group led by Nazim Burke is Grenada’s only hope…I believe we are missing out on an opportunity, if we allow this opportunity (at the next general election) that would be given to us sometime next year to choose a group of people who are worthy of carrying the mantle of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique in the most dignified manner. I think if we fail to seize that opportunity we would certainly end up like what we are seeing in Zimbabwe and North Korea…”, he remarked.

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