Mitchell: NDC is responsible for WhatsApp messages

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has responded forcefully to allegations made by Miami-based blogger, Kenneth Rijock that he was involved in an inappropriate relationship with his personal advisor, Trinidadian lawyer Kaisha Ince who is the head of the Grenada passport selling programme called Citizenship By Investment (CBI).

In his first public utterances on the issue, Prime Minister Mitchell told supporters of his ruling New National Party (NNP) at a public meeting in Carlton, St. Andrew on Sunday night that the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is behind the attacks on him and Ince.

According to Dr. Mitchell, the Congress party is behind this kind of gimmick to try and sway the votes in its direction in the upcoming general election.

He warned the NDC to cease from throwing stones, as it needs to keep in mind that its closet is filled with skeletons.

“My friends, you have seen all kinds of things written on the social media, all kind of nasty things written on the social media and I am quite clear they emanate from the National Democratic Congress because that is the character of the leadership of the National Democratic Congress.

“…Let me tell you something, I am giving them a warning…those who have glass houses must not throw stones; those who have glass houses do not throw stones. They are attacking the private lives of people, they spreading lies and propaganda on the private lives of people and their life is so dirty. So, I say to them, if you know you have glass house, don’t throw stone.

Prime Minister Mitchell referred specifically to the claims made by Rijock that he has screenshots of the WhatsApp messages with Ince.

He said: “…Only recently they put out some dirty stuff on their social media claiming that I was in conversation with a woman…well I glad they ain’t say in a conversation with a man, I give them credit for that because they know I am one dimensional.

“… Sisters and brothers it’s amazing how you could sink to a level of maligning decent women and men in this country because you believe that that would help you to get votes.

“Sisters and brothers, I am not worried, I am only giving you a warning to be careful and one of the reasons I raised this here tonight is because one innocent person today called me to (say) I should not be writing these things on Whatsapp.

“So I said, wait nuh, are you telling me that you believe I actually wrote this thing…my friend I don’t have time to write those dirty stuff, my time is spent on building Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

The Prime Minister urged the Nazim Burke-led Congress party to spend more of its time telling Grenadians how it intends to run the country rather than engage in “character assassinating innocent people”.

Dr. Mitchell said: “I say to them instead of spending their time doing this dirty work, tell the people what you would do for them. Tell the young people how you would create jobs and opportunities, tell the elderly citizens how you would create more opportunities to get more social help for them.

“Tell the farmers how you would bring irrigation; how you would provide more monies for them to expand the development. Tell the hoteliers what you would do to improve the hotel product in this country but they spending time maligning people.”

The Prime Minister warned his supporters to be on guard since the priority of the NDC leadership is looking at how it can bring down the members of the NNP regime.

He said: “…This is what their plans…because we have in fact got all the information but… I’ll give you a bit of it tonight. They brought in people from outside the country and in their private meetings, they talking about disrupting the votes on Election Day and prior to the general election.

…They want to bring outside type politics into this beautiful and peaceful country. Sisters and brothers, in addition, they have started attacking different persons within our political party. They have attacked several members of the New National Party personally.

“If you check what has happened with the National Democratic Congress; check its leader, the man never tells you to vote for him because he is a good man. Have you ever heard him say, he deserves to be elected by you?

“No, you know what he says, Keith Mitchell bad, Keith Mitchell wicked, Keith Mitchell thief, Keith Mitchell that. Sisters and brothers, anytime you hear someone (and) all they doing is badmouthing another person that person can’t care about anybody.

“This (NNP) party, you heard us tonight, we do not spend time character assassinating people on this platform because we believe that we are one Grenadian brothers and sisters.”

Dr. Mitchell is seeking a record fifth term in office and has warned Congress that he intends to repeat the 15-0 victory at the polls by NNP in 2013.

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