Minister Steele: Lawsuits are expected against Miami blogger

A senior Grenada government minister has warned Miami-based blogger, Kenneth Rijock to expect lawsuit to fly in his directions following his latest blogs involving persons engaged in the island’s passport-selling scheme.

Hon. Nickolas Steele – the text messages do not represent the Prime Minister

Speaking to reporters at the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing Tuesday, Health Minister Nickolas Steele said that Rijock had “crossed the line” and has broken the law with respect to local laws on defamation of the characters of persons.

“…I would expect civil wise that the individuals will take action…”, he said.

Rijock alleged in a posting that he has “screenshots” of messages from Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and his personal advisor, Kaisha Ince concerning a personal sexual relationship between them.

Both Dr. Mitchell and Ince have denied the allegations with the latter announcing that the matter has been handed over to her lawyers for legal proceedings to commence against the Blogger.

Minister Steele who has responsibility for International Business in the administration, dropped hints that the persons behind the postings of Rijock’s blog are locals.

He said, “I would think that it would become obvious to us all when we look and see who would be promoting his blogs here locally – what the true intentions are.”

The government minister described as a “poor attempt” the efforts of the Miami Blogger to promote a personal relationship existing between the Prime Minister and Ince.

According to Steele, the text messages produced by the Miami blogger as “screenshots” are untrue and would have to give an explanation whenever the law catches up with him.

He said, “There is no truth to it (the messages). He hasn’t even tried to explain how he is in possession of the lie. If you look at and you examine the text fully, you will see the names aren’t referred to appropriately there…he will have to explain himself as to how he got those fictitious text or how he fabricated this…that his call when the law reaches out to him.”

Steele accused Rijock of failing in a previous attempt to try and defame the Grenada passport-selling scheme and now embarking upon a new course of action to attack individuals involved in the CBI operations.

“… In this country, we respect the right of privacy, one, and two we know the individuals that he is talking about and that conversation is inaccurate”, he said.

“Anyone who knows our Prime Minister, who has heard him speak etc., will understand that that’s not the individual there, that it’s totally fabricated”, he added.

The government minster also accused Rijock of trying to influence the outcome of the upcoming poll in an election year.

“…He (Rijock) has become a hired gun. So, the money launderer has turned from laundering money from drug dealers to trying to character assassinate or dirty the character of people…”, he remarked.

Steele said in early blogs by Rijock, the U.S citizen had tried to destroy the reputation of Grenada’s CBI programme and having failed, “he has gone on a witch hunt and decided to attack the individuals instead.”

“…He has gone to a lower level to try and see if he can get any traction on it… so he is trying in the second instance and I don’t believe he will get traction there because there is nothing there.

“He has fabricated, in fact, I think he will get a knee jerk reaction from us which is to say hey you crossed the line and you defamed characters and we will ensure that the civil rights of our individuals are maintained and upheld.”

Minister Steele affirmed that legal action will be taken against Rijock for Defamation of Character as there is no truth to the text messages he published about PM Mitchell and Ince.

However, he did not say whether the legal action will be taken in local courts or in U.S jurisdiction.

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