Logos Hope brings joy through books and theatrics

After eight years of making its last voyage to Grenada, the Logos Hope is once again in the Spice Isle spreading hope to the people on the island.

Logos Hope team members host media conference

The Logos Hope is a ship with a crew of nearly 400 volunteers from around 60 countries, living and working on the ship.

The volunteers promote literacy and education, cross-cultural co-operation, social awareness and reflect God’s compassion for the world in the ports and countries they visit.

Teams from the ship go into the surrounding areas to provide aid and community care, partnering with local community groups to bring hope to people whatever their circumstance or background.

A three-member team from Logos Hope hosted a press conference on Monday at the Ministry of Works to give an insight into their plans.

The public has been invited to take advantage of opportunities to purchase cheap books and to take advantage of educational shows from December 6-11 as the Logos Hope will be berthed at the Burns Point port at the Carenage.

Advanced Preparation Team Leader, James Edyinton told reporters that with the international community on board the logos it gives the opportunity to Grenadians “to meet the world without leaving Grenada”.

Team member, Clinton Perumal spoke about the on-board events planned for the public.

“One of the highlights of our visit to Grenada is the live theatre production by our talented crew. This play tells a classic story of four children transported into the magical world Narnia where they face danger and meet all manner of fantasy creatures in a quest to free Narnia from evil”, he said.

There are only two opportunities to see the show.

Perumal said that tickets can be picked up at the Grenada Institute of Theological Education in Jean Anglais, and from the ship itself.

The production will be performed at 3.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m on Sunday.

Another team member, Annetta Kroeker stated that the book fair is what most people look forward to.

“The book fair contains over 5000 quality titles most in English but some in other languages, making Logos Hope the largest voting book fair in the world as well as our great selection of books. The ship runs also various events on board,” she said.

Kroeker added that the ship will be partnering with local charities and organisations by offering assistance to those in need.

During its six days stay in Grenada, the crew of the Logos Hope will be giving over 1200 hours worth of voluntary time to a wide range of charities across the whole island.

Books are expected to be donated to the Richmond Hill prison, Grand Bacolet Juvenile Rehabilition Centre and to the community Library.

The logos Hope will also take on board 60 on-island volunteers to serve while in Grenada.

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