Four Arrested in Weekend Drug Raids

A 21-year-old St. Andrew fisherman, who pleaded guilty to Trafficking in a controlled substance last week Friday, will be sentenced next week Monday for the offence at the Grenville Magistrate’s Court.

John Rogers – will be sentenced soon for trafficking in 111 lbs of marijuana

Mt. Sealey resident, John Rogers, found himself on the wrong side of the law, after the compressed cannabis with a street value of EC$251, 304.00, was discovered in the fishing vessel he was travelling in, in the vicinity of Soubise, St. Andrew last week Friday morning.

Shortly after his arrest, Rogers was taken to the Grenville Magistrate’s Court unrepresented, where the charge was read out to him by Magistrate Nevlyn John.

THE NEW TODAY understands that police investigators suspect that Rogers was returning to the island after making a trip to neighbouring St. Vincent to collect the marijuana.

The young man has been remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison pending his sentencing next week.

In another drug bust last week Friday, 30 year-old Ryan Grainger, who is no stranger to the court, was arrested and charged with Trafficking in a controlled drug.

The police claim that 2 bales of compressed marijuana were found concealed inside a bag on the back seat of the blue Suzuki Escudo, registration number PAN 200, that the suspect was travelling in, along the Westerhall main road in St. David.

The illegal substance weighed 21 lbs and carries a street value of EC$47, 544.

The Belmont, St. George resident appeared unrepresented before the Grenville Magistrate’s Court on Monday, where he was remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison, until this Friday.

Ryan Grainger – faces another drug trafficking charge

Back in August, Grainger, along with Mont Toute, St, George resident Rohan Modeste, 24, were arrested and charged for the offences of possession and trafficking of a controlled drug, and possession of ammunition after 44 lbs of marijuana valued at EC$99, 616 and 100 rounds of .22 ammunition, were found in the vehicle they were travelling along the Grand Etang main road.

Both men were charged for the offences of possession and trafficking of a controlled drug and possession of ammunition and are currently on $75, 000 bail with 2 sureties.

In another matter, Frequente, St George resident Gerad Bain, 45, and Mt Parnassus resident, David Paynter, 30, were arrested and charged with trafficking a controlled drug after 14 lbs of compressed cannabis worth EC$431, 696, was found during a search of the white Suzuki Escudo registration number PD 384, that they were travelling in along the Westerhall main road on Sunday.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the men were expected to appear before the Grenville Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

The police also reported that last week Saturday, Officers attached to the Carriacou Police Station discovered a number of bags containing 126 pounds of compressed cannabis inside an abandoned yellow and blue fishing vessel at Windward, Carriacou.

No arrests have been made in connection with the discovery of the drugs, which carries an estimated street value of EC$285, 264.

However, police investigators suspect that the occupants of the boat may have tried to ground the vessel and eventually fled the scene to avoid being caught.
Police investigations are continuing into the discovery of the drugs.

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