Denials from Kaisha Ince!!!

A British-based firm that is helping to promote Grenada’s passport selling scheme known as Citizenship By Investment (CBI) has once more been force to trade words with Miami-based Blogger, Kenneth Rijock.

Kaisha Ince – the attorney from Trinidad who is under pressure from the Blogger

The firm has flatly denied allegations made by Rijock in his latest postings that the firm was providing money to the head of the Grenada CBI programme, Trinidadian Kaisha Ince to pay the tuition fees for her daughter’s education in England.

According to the firm, any publication and re-publication of what it called these latest fabricated articles “are subject to review and further action by our lawyers in the USA and UK, where such defamatory and demonstrably false articles are actionable in court”.

“…The republication of any of these false statements and allegations would be grossly defamatory and also actionable if repeated. (Name of company withheld) expressly reserves all its rights in this regard and will pursue all remedies, including legal action, as necessary, should anything, even just part of these latest fake news, be republished in any form or manner”, said the British firm.

Rijock has claimed that he has evidence of alleged wrongdoing in the form of text messages between Prime Minister Mitchell and Ince, an attorney-at-law by profession.

The blogger has published screenshots in which PM Mitchell and Ince are allegedly referring to a US$1M diplomatic passport sale that surfaced a few months ago involving a businessman from Ukraine.

Rijock claims that the exchanges between the Prime Minister and Ince does not refute the diplomatic passport issue.

The blogger followed this up with another post discussing an alleged personal relationship between the pair.
Over the weekend Ince released a statement denying any wrongdoing and labelling the blog posts as “an outright lie” presenting “unsubstantiated issues” as facts.

Ince also warned that if Rijock continues to publish articles on the subject matter then whoever is responsible will be prosecuted “to the full force of law”.

The attorney said in her most recent release: “As Chairman of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Committee and the person referred to in blog posts dated 1st, 2nd and 3rd December, 2017, by convicted criminal Kenneth Rijock, and further to my statement dated 1st December, 2017, I reiterate that the contents of these ridiculous blog posts are totally fabricated and without foundation.

“None of the allegations is true. Mr Rijock, a proven and bold-faced liar, has manufactured the text messages, ascribing purported conversations between the Prime Minister and myself that never took place. As a convicted criminal with no credibility whatsoever, he sells himself and his blog to other criminals and persons who are strangers to the truth to disseminate fake news.

“Those malicious and baseless blog posts by Mr. Rijock and the persons hiding behind him are wholly designed to bring the Government of Grenada, the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBI Programme) and me personally, into disrepute.

“The purpose of this statement is to put in the public domain that there is absolutely no truth to Mr. Rijock’s blog posts and that they are highly defamatory. Besides attacking the CBI Programme, Mr. Rijock has attacked me personally. It is therefore only fair that I protect and defend my personal and professional integrity.

“I have already instructed my Attorneys to begin proceedings against Mr Rijock for defamation. Similar consequences will follow for any person or entity publishing any of the contents of his blog posts with reckless indifference to the facts, as I have stated above.

“I am left with no choice but to defend my personal and professional integrity. A word to the wise is sufficient.
Since then Rijock has published two more posts, titled The Smoking Gun, which purport to show the WhatsApp messages he was referring to in last week’s blog posts.

The writer – a convicted money launderer who now describes himself as a financial crime consultant – also alleges that hackers in Grenada and the UK attempted to shut down websites carrying his articles.

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