Dash receives hearty welcome into the Huggins family

“I am very humbled. I feel special tonight because anybody else could have gotten this but they see something special in me so they chose me to represent Huggins and I am ready to do the job. I am really ready and willing to do my best.

The Huggins CEO makes special presentation to Ms. Amada

Those were the words uttered by soca entertainer Shondell “Dash” Amada in an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY last week Thursday night, following the signing of a contract, making him the first official ‘corporate brand ambassador’ for George F. Huggins and Co. Grenada Ltd., for a 1- year period.

The event which was held at Huggins’ Automotive Division on the Maurice Bishop Highway in Grand Anse saw live entertainment from well-known soloist, Jefferson Ramirez.

In making the announcement of the new found partnership between the company and Dash, the reigning and 2-times Groovy Monarch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of George F. Huggins and Co. Grenada Ltd, Anya Chow Chung, said the relationship between them would be unlike any other company/brand ambassador relationship on island.

“It is not just about having Dash on a billboard and promoting the company and its products but essentially, we want to ensure that people understand the positive message behind the campaign upon which we will embark…really contributing to communities, societies and building of Grenada as a whole by electing and choosing positive avenues and vehicles to get our message across”, Chow Chung told those gathered to help celebrate the moment.

Dash accepts his new blue Huggins branded shirt

“As part of the consideration, Mr. Amada will be treated as a member of the Huggins family and will be entitled to all of the discounts that our staffs are entitled to, as well as we are giving him a brand new communication device (Samsung 8) as part of our corporate package and of course there are cash considerations in totality,” she said.

Speaking with THE NEW TODAY following the signing ceremony, Chow Chung said, although the contract, which took effect last week Friday (December 1) would last for only1-year in the first instance, “it is subject to renewal should both parties agree.”

“Mr. Amada is extremely enjoyable to work with. He has a very high standard, work ethics,” she remarked.
According to the Huggins CEO, this is the first time that this home-grown company is embarking on an initiative at this level.

“Many moons ago we did work with Edson “Ajamu” Mitchell,” she said, “but in terms of having a true corporate ambassador at this scale, this is the first,” adding that the Huggins brand is “dear to her heart” and that she would not “entrust it to just any and everybody.”

“Having interacted with Mr. Amada for the last couple of months, I am confident that he will carry our brand safely on his shoulders as we move forward”, she added.

Dash and CEO Chow Chung shake hands happily after signing the 1-year-contract

The Huggins CEO also used the opportunity to encourage “all young people with talent, no matter where your talent lies, to take an example from Shondell Amada ‘Dash,’ who has elevated himself through hard work, dedication and discipline and most importantly humility and respect as imparted by his mother.

“He respects his mother and I want to encourage, especially our young men to take a page from his book and emulate him…”, she said.

Dash was accompanied to the event by his manager, Gabriella Grant, his sisters and brothers, along with his mother Althea Amada, who was graced with a beautiful bouquet of flowers compliments Chow Chung.

“I feel very honoured and elated”, the mother told THE NEW TODAY.

“I just want to ask God’s blessings, guidance (and) protection to protect him from all dangers and harms (so) that he would do his work, whatever he is called to do, without fear or favour and that he will be lifted up as the new Ambassador and encouraged to showcase the work of the company”, she said.

Dash has just concluded his first assignment as part of the arrangement, a Huggins advertisement featuring the company’s brand new Christmas promotion, which was expected to be aired on all major television networks starting as early as this week.

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