Bishop Harvey is well

Bishop of Grenada Clyde Harvey was discharged from the St. George’s General hospital on Friday after he collapsed during mass on Thursday morning.

The Bishop was officiating at a special mass at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in St George’s at 6.00 a.m. when he collapsed and the last thing he remembered was giving the sign of peace.

THE NEW TODAY understands that when Harvey collapsed the other two priests who were assisting him were able to break his collapse and bring him to the ground gently.

Harvey was taken to St George’s General Hospital and was diagnosed with dehydration and his blood pressure had dropped.

Harvey had informed the Catholic News that he had not been taking fluids as he should.

Medical staff at the hospital ran some tests on the Bishop and his heart was good and he was discharged on Friday

The Bishop has since then expressed deep appreciation for the care he received from the nurses and doctors and the efficiency of care provided, with the results of the tests being readily available for him.

Harvey has told close aides that he was “in good form” but unfortunately he missed a meeting he was expected to attend in St Lucia due to his collapse.

“I just got an email from the Bishop. He said he is out of hospital and that he was dehydrated. The remedy for him is water, water and more water. He needs to drink more water”, said a Catholic faithful.

The leadership style of the Trinidad-born Harvey has been coming in for a lot of praise from local Catholics since he took over in August as head of the church in Grenada.

The Bishop has been meeting with many church leaders and urged local priests to be better prepared to deliver their sermons on Sunday mornings to the congregation.

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