Young people have become too atheistic!!!


The entire nation has been shocked by the sudden upsurge in sexual crimes being committed in our country.

The latest event involving the murder and rape of one of our precious nine-year-old is especially heart-rending and revolting.

The Alliance of Evangelical Churches shares the pain of the parents and loved ones of Ariel and pray God’s comforting hand upon their hearts.

While we empathise with the victims and families of those who suffer the effects of sexual abuse we also condemn in the strongest possible terms the evil deeds which humiliated this child and brought about her demise.

We also pray that God would have mercy upon the soul of the one responsible for this dastardly act of criminality. While justice must be done he can also experience mercy from God if he would repent of his sins and place his faith in the One who died for sinners, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The offense committed shows the danger to which our children and especially female members of our society are exposed and the absence of moral convictions and the fear of God among many of our youths.

The intensification of sexual abuse in our society should not be surprising given the existence of that potential in a society where family life generally leaves much to be desired.

With most homes consisting of single parents or unmarried couples it is difficult to provide moral leadership. The situation is further exacerbated by the fact that many parents are themselves children. Fuel is further added to the fire when we consider that neither parents nor children are consistently exposed to the biblical teaching on morality.

Holy Scripture emphasises the sacredness of human life and sexuality. The parents generally do not take their children to church, nor even bother to send them. They are communicating to them a clear message that God is not an important factor in their lives and they can make their own decisions without him.

As a matter of fact, this is probably the first generation of young people that is to a large extent atheistic.

They can hardly be blamed given the kind of models they have before them in the home and wider society.

The emphasis on the necessity of the bible for the moral and spiritual health of a nation does not flow from the rantings of religious maniacs as some might think. Listen to George Washington, first president of the United State:

“It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.” – George Washington Quote

“You do well to wish to learn our arts and our ways of life and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ. These will make you a greater and happier people than you are.” – George Washington Quote

“We ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained.”– George Washington Quote

The AEC believes that sound bible teaching can make a difference in the lives of young people and their families in our nation.

The evangelical message makes it clear:

(1). That all men are sinners, Rom. 3:23

No one is good naturally and they cannot blame society or anyone for their sinful behaviour.

(2). That God loves all of mankind, John 3:16

(3). That Jesus Christ died for all sinners regardless of our moral standing Rom. 5:6-8
(4). That men and women need to repent of their sins, Acts 2:39
(5). Those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ are saved from the guilt and consequences of sin, Act 16:31
(6). Those who are truly saved are transformed into new persons, II Cor. 5:17

Social and judicial action are great and have their place but they cannot transform the individual. These things may modify behaviour to a certain extent but cannot transform human nature. Only Jesus Christ can do that.

The sexual pervert and the murderer need Jesus Christ just like everyone else for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God’s righteousness.

He declared, “I am come that they might have light and have it more abundantly.”

The AEC has in the past addressed the sexual obsession in the society by means of public prayer and proclamation. As a matter of fact our churches regularly proclaim God’s standards of sexuality and call upon people to repent. But the message is either not heard, ignored, or resisted.

To talk about the sins of society and call men to repent is seen as hate speak and has been strongly condemned by some through the media.

In addition, last April we conducted a seminar on issues which drive people into sodomy and other forms of sexual aberration. The seminar was geared to train church leaders in particular in counselling persons with these issues and was conducted by Joanne Highly, former lesbian and author of the book, Mercy Triumphs over Judgment.

Joanne and her husband Dick currently conduct a counselling ministry in Manhattan, New York, to people with homosexual and other emotional issues. Her textbook Mercy Triumphs over Judgment has to be the best in the field and a number of copies have been sold locally. Those who are interested can contact us at the AEC.

On Sunday last, Charles Manson died at 83 while in prison in California. His mother, a prostitute and a drunkard bore him when she was sixteen years of age.

According to one report on YAHOO NEWS, “From the age of 12 on, Charles was placed in a string of reform schools. At one institution, he held a razor to a boy’s throat and raped him.”

“Escaping often, he committed burglaries, auto thefts and armed robberies, landing in between juvenile detention centers and eventually federal reformatories. He was paroled from the last one at 19, in May 1954”.

Charles never knew his father. Manson drew a number of followers after him who were referred to as his family. Between them some seven murders were committed back in the 1960’s including that of Sharon Tate.

Charles Manson was committed to prison for the rest of his life till his recent death on Sunday at the age of 83 just after his November 12th birthdate.

A single immoral, teenage mother, an absent, unknown father, a mixture of occult, religious, and anti-social ideology and you have the perfect cocktail for a vicious murderer.

As a society, we can either embrace God’s recipe for social transformation or face the alternative of moral decay and destruction. Unless our youth are rescued from perishing by being exposed to the teaching of God’s Word, the Bible and encouraged to embrace God’s way of salvation we will have no future as a nation.

The AEC will continue to address the moral, spiritual, and social needs of our nation by:

(1). Working with government and organisations to address the social ills of the nation.

(2). Speak as a prophetic voice for God to this nation.

(3). Work with schools to provide biblical instruction to children.

(4). Visit hurting families such as that of Ariel.

(5). Encourage churches in Frequente to provide support elements.

(6). Adopt pre-schools and ensure that biblical values are taught.

Besides all this the churches of the AEC are engaged in praying earnestly for the nation as we stand in the gap interceding for our country.

For the past two week-ends extended times of prayers have been held including a prayer retreat in St. Patrick’s which brought the needs of our nation before the Lord.

An all-night prayer meeting is scheduled for Friday (November 24) at the Grenville Pentecostal Lighthouse from 6.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.

The AEC will continue in its role as a corporate prophet to the nation and to stand in the gap praying for the needs of our society.

We would also seek to be models of godliness so that our walk would match our talk. At the same time we will take whatever practical steps are necessary to further the moral and social development of our society.

In closing we would like to share the following story: A young man by the name of Raphael saw me cutting my yard some years ago and offered to take on the job at a price. He and his brother had printed their business cards and were cutting yards.

Over the years the brother dropped out but Raphael continued. We took an interest in the young man and assisted him financially in dealing with some medical issues involving his young son.

We also addressed his need for a relationship with Jesus Christ. It took quite a while for him to response.

He eventually began attending church on a regular basis, committed his life to Christ, and joined the baptismal class.

Other young men tried to discourage Raphael from committing his life to Christ but he was determined to do what was right.

Our youths can do the same. We of the AEC are calling upon our young people to follow Raphael’s example.

Following Christ will give you the model and strength which you need to be sexually pure and to go against the grain of evil in our society.

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